Thursday, March 20, 2008

Strike : Over But Who Cares?

So I guess the writers strike is over, but who really cares. There was nothing good on TV last year when they were still all "working"

I guess I should qualify this post with the fact that I rarely watch TV. But then again, one of the reasons I rarely watch it is due to the stupidity of all the shows.

I spent some time thinking about what shows I actually like.

  • Deal Or No Deal. I love this show. I would LOVE to be a contestant on it. And, as an added bonus, unless the commercial lied to me, next Monday the contestant will win the million! (squeee)
  • Smallville Series. But to be totally honest, after season three ended and our cable provider decided to re run season three instead of playing four, we stopped watching it on the television and instead have been buying the seasons as they come out. We watch an episode with the kids every Saturday until it is done (Usually by February - then rent a movie for Saturday nights.)
  • Two and a Half Men. This is a weird show. While I like to watch it, It does not bother me in the least if I am busy online or in the bath and miss a nights episode. Also? It bugs me that every time I see Charlie Sheen I think..isn't he one of the Baldwin Brothers?
  • Family Guy. Of all the cartoons, this is the one I love. Naturally Stewie is my favorite character, actually, I find it extremely doubtful that anyone who watches Family Guy has anyone other than Stewie as their favorite...And my favorite skit? "Mom. Mom. Mom.Mom. Mummy.Mummy.Mummy. Lois.Lois.Lois. Mum ......" Makes me LOL just to think about it!
And really, Thats it. Other than the Smallville series, which , because we buy the season DVD's doesn't count, even the shows in my list I would not cry over if I missed. In fact, I think Family Guy is on every night, but I probably only catch it..oh..maybe three times a week.

What about you? Got a favorite show?

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Nobody™ said...

I HATE family guy. Hate it.

I like Two and Half Men. Watch it every night before bed.

Malcom in the Middle. Becker. How it's Made. Modern Marvels.