Monday, March 17, 2008

Niles the kid created alien. *EDIT*

Fingers crossed that this video works!1

**begin EDIT**

Ok, I had some unavoidable technical difficulty over at BPR, you see I needed a video for my post tonight and my camera decided it hates me. Which, really? Thats rude. I push her buttons and stare appreciatively at her screen all day long. I make sure she is clean and dry AND I recharge her battery whenever she needs it!

So anyway. The video up there? My camera took a two minute clip and decided it needed to be 89MB. WTF? Seriously? When a video file is that big, it takes HOURS to load into photobucket*, and it will not load on YouTube at all.

Luckily I have Nobody on my side. He sent me a link to a free converter that took that huge ass file from 89MB to 7 MB. While i was busy whining about my video size I loaded it up in bloggers video upload, which, thankfully, is not afraid to handle a big load! Then, I had a link to this post with the video while I converted the file, uploaded it to YouTube and eventually, imported the actual video to the Bluepaintred post.

Oh. I needed The video for this post! Check it out!

*also, apparently photobucket videos do not work on wordpress!

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