Sunday, January 24, 2010

Older Than Dirt.

When my husband turned thirty, we all joked that he was now as old as dirt, so when he turned 31 on the 13th, we began teasing him that he is now oldER than dirt.

But that's just it, we ARE getting older. I never really felt my age until recently, when my back started acting up, when it was hard to get out of bed in the morning and even harder to get anything done while dealing with the stabbing pain the landmines embedded in my back were setting off with the slightest motion.

Micah has insurance through work if he is hurt or killed at work (or off), but we don;t have any sort of whole life insurance, and that is beginning to bother me more and more.

In six months I will be older than dirt, just like my husband, and nine years after that I will turn forty. The age fifty is only 19 years away from me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning I made a pot of coffee, put a pair of pajama pants on under my housecoat and went out to the garage for my first smoke of the day. As usual, I took Sammi out with me. She has a really hard time in the winter, when we put her outside to potty, she freezes in seconds and it takes her hours to warm up. To help her out, we decided to let her go potty in the garage.

I scoop up her poo every weekday morning, becuase weekdays are when the garage is car free as Micah has it at work, and on weekends, we just let it sit LOL. For her pee, we put newspaper on it to soak it up, and toss those daily as well.

Its a pretty good situation, she isn't frozen, AND she isn't peeing on my kitchen rug!

HOWEVER. This morning, as I was enjoying my first smoke of the day and playing words with friends on my iTouch, I caught the most horrible whiff of something. It was bad enough that I instantly wished I had air filter in my nose. Honestly? I thought it was some decomposing animal in some dark corner of the garage, that's how bad it smelled!

I got up off my chair to see if I could find the horrid nasty smell, and guess what? IT WAS SAM! How on EARTH could a smell THAT bad come from the backside of an animal THAT cute?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Job Well Done

I was in my medicine cupboard the other night and noticed that it had not been cleaned out ion a long long LONG time, of all the things to find, I found prenatal vitamins in there!

So today I got off my duff, grabbed a stool, and cleaned up the cupboard. SO MUCH CRAP IN THERE.

I was complaining the other day that we need more storage, and now that I've seen how much more room I've got after cleaning out just the ONE cupboard, it's given me the motivation start on the rest of them! There are three, three shelf high cupboards in the kitchen that are currently acting like a catch-all, and I am guessing that I can get rid of enough stuff in those three cupboards to make it all fit in one or less, leaving a BUNCH of space for me to put more stuff in!

Tomorrow, I am taking the boys to the city for optometrist appointments, so it won't be done then, and Friday I have my mammogram and ultrasound, so Friday is out as well, but come hell or high water, I'm gonna get those closets cleaned come Monday!

< 3

Kids are absolutely, totally, one hundred percent the best anti aging products


Look a this little girl :

In the week before I had her, I was exhausted every day, now I have her and her sister and I am finding energy I wasn't aware I had. I know that I must have slipped into a bit of depression or soemthing after sending Logan off to Kindergarten, becuase that is the same time that my sleeping and lethargy increased, it seems that I simply need to have kids near me.


Monday, January 18, 2010

A Thought

I just wrote up a post about some funny things my niece had said today, over at Where - Was - I ?, and it got me thinking. IS there such a thing as a hair loss shampoo for pets?

The fish don;t shed, and the little pup doesn't shed enough to worry about, but our cat and our big dog shed like they are trying to win a world record for most shed hair in a day.

We brush them, and we even changed Tigger's (the cat)diet to a food that is supposed to help with shedding, but they both shed SO much. Tigger is growly and hissy during a bath, but i don't worry she will claw me up, and Smokey thinks baths are the best thing - next to TREATS! of course, so if there was a shampoo that helped with shedding, I would totally buy it and bathe them with it!

I know some of you have pets, so let me know if you have any idea about a shed shampoo - or hell, ANY ideas!

I really can;t wait till my new (FREE!!!!) central vac is hooked up so I can vacuum up the hair instead of trying to sweep it!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good News : Another Sisterly Update

My sister just called, she is home from the hospital and, though sore, she tells me that she is feeling 100% better than she was before they removed her burst appendix.

We discussed how odd it is that she is alive, Her appendix burst on Saturday afternoon, she went to the ER immediately - she was in a LOT of pain, but the ER doctors gave her some pain pills and sent her home.

It wasn't until late Tuesday night that she had surgery to remove her appendix. So yeah. very dangerous.

We drove into the city Friday night to bring her some pajama pants and her toothbrush and deodorant, and I was amused at the flyers on the walls of the elevator as we headed up to the fifth floor.

They had notices of hospital lunches side by side a colon cleansing review, and advertisements for the hospital cafeteria and the gift shop. The "One of these things doesn't belong" song immediately got stuck in my head!

My sister ended up with 27 staples for her vertical incision down the center of her tummy - when they opened her up, they did not know it was the appendix, they thought it was a bowel issue.

Issues. I has them

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Just like those Prehistoric creatures in the LOLcat photo, I have issues - not, though, with modern packaging, I have even bigger issues than a lack of Doritos!

You see. Two weeks ago I started seeing a chiropractor, and part of her ideas for fixing me was no more baths. She explained that my muscles get nice and soft and pliable after sitting in the hot hot water I love to use, and the motion of getting up and out of the bath while my muscles are so pliable is popping my sacrum and hip back to where they are used to be. And where they used to be is the wrong spot. She explained that until I get my joints used to being in the right position, they are just going to revert to their old painful position if I bathe.

So I stopped bathing. Showers, even nice hot, long showers are OK, there are no awkward movements when you exit the shower, it's just the bath.


I love the bath.

No. Really. I. Love.The.Bath.

I read, I nap, I take care of personal grooming (I've tried shaving my legs in the shower, but I tend to fall down a lot). But most importantly, Every night when I bathe, I spend ten to twenty minutes with a hot cloth over my face, then wash my face.

Without my regular bath, and the lack of face washing routine, I have been getting zits as bad - or worse than an eight grader! And not little ones either!

It's time to break out the acnepril becuase even though I have been given the go ahead to get back into the tub - that reminds me, I'm supposed to ice for 20 minutes after my bath - BRB.

OK, I'm back. I've got my ice pack on. I just got out of the bath a few minutes ago!

Anyway. even though I am back to my nightly face washing routine, I had to break out something a bit stronger than steam, exfoliates and moisturizer, just to get these zits under control.

I can only hope it works fast becuase I feel just as much a dork walking around with my pizza face, as I did when I was in grade eight!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Health. or lack there of

I was chatting with my chiropractor today about my back, and my general health. I asked her if maybe my weight had something to do with my back being in such bad shape. She agreed that maybe my weight had a bit to do with it, but that it was more a lack of general body health, a lack of core muscles than the extra pounds.

I could go and get me some quick trim or, I could start doing some simple exercises to work on my core.

You core is the muscles that support your spine, they are in your back and in your tummy/sides. It has been years since I have seriously done anything resembling regular exercises, so i agree that my back problem could be related to that.

I did the exercises today, they are little ones, becuase of my back, nothing too hard, no sit ups or crunches, I have to start everything slow, but I'm doing it.

It's pretty damn funny though. My legs are super stiff from the squats i did and my inner arms, the top part are sore as well. I think the arm soreness has to go with me carrying around my 93587209735 pound niece more than it has to do with exercise.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sisterly Update

Last night my sister called me from the hospital. She had gone in for her routine dialysis treatment. Since the removal of her Kidney in November, she had been complaining of stomach pain. Some pain was to be expected, as they have to cut through a lot of muscle to get to the kidney.

Several times my sister had gone to the ER, and been sent home with pain pills, and several times (read - every treatment) she had complained to her doctors when she went for dialysis, but nothing was done.

Last Saturday my sister called me from home, she had been to the ER, in horrible pain and was ticked off that they gave her pain pills and sent her on her way. She wanted them to DO something.

So yesterday when she was at dialysis she complained to Doctor K. Doctor K has been my sisters renal doctor since she was three (Since my sister was three, not the doctor LOL)

Dr. K did an ultrasound, but nothing showed up on that, so she had a Cat Scan done on her. My sister was in some pretty bad pain.

The cat scan showed that she had a lot of air in her, and that soemthing was wonkey with her bowels. When my sister called, she referred to it as a "break in the bowels". The doctors had her sign a colostomy bag consent form before the surgery, and did a vertical incision in her abdomen to see what was what.

I called the hospital this morning, but I am not on the contact list so the nurse refused to tell me anything (I am now on the contact list, I made sure of that) The only thing the nurse was willing to tell me is that my sister was out for a smoke at that moment, and that was very reassuring, because if you are well enough to go out for a smoke, you are not in imminent danger of death!

My sister called me back about ten minutes later to tell me what was going on - and to put me on the contact list LOL

THANKFULLY it was not her bowels at all! Her appendix had burst - we thing Saturday, and that was what was causing all the issues!

My sister won't be running on ellipticals anytime soon, the incision is much larger than the one you would normally get for an appendectomy, but holy hell, compared to what it COULD have been, a burst appendix is NOTHING!

I am so very VERY relieved!