Monday, January 18, 2010

A Thought

I just wrote up a post about some funny things my niece had said today, over at Where - Was - I ?, and it got me thinking. IS there such a thing as a hair loss shampoo for pets?

The fish don;t shed, and the little pup doesn't shed enough to worry about, but our cat and our big dog shed like they are trying to win a world record for most shed hair in a day.

We brush them, and we even changed Tigger's (the cat)diet to a food that is supposed to help with shedding, but they both shed SO much. Tigger is growly and hissy during a bath, but i don't worry she will claw me up, and Smokey thinks baths are the best thing - next to TREATS! of course, so if there was a shampoo that helped with shedding, I would totally buy it and bathe them with it!

I know some of you have pets, so let me know if you have any idea about a shed shampoo - or hell, ANY ideas!

I really can;t wait till my new (FREE!!!!) central vac is hooked up so I can vacuum up the hair instead of trying to sweep it!

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