Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Job Well Done

I was in my medicine cupboard the other night and noticed that it had not been cleaned out ion a long long LONG time, of all the things to find, I found prenatal vitamins in there!

So today I got off my duff, grabbed a stool, and cleaned up the cupboard. SO MUCH CRAP IN THERE.

I was complaining the other day that we need more storage, and now that I've seen how much more room I've got after cleaning out just the ONE cupboard, it's given me the motivation start on the rest of them! There are three, three shelf high cupboards in the kitchen that are currently acting like a catch-all, and I am guessing that I can get rid of enough stuff in those three cupboards to make it all fit in one or less, leaving a BUNCH of space for me to put more stuff in!

Tomorrow, I am taking the boys to the city for optometrist appointments, so it won't be done then, and Friday I have my mammogram and ultrasound, so Friday is out as well, but come hell or high water, I'm gonna get those closets cleaned come Monday!

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