Sunday, January 17, 2010

Issues. I has them

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Just like those Prehistoric creatures in the LOLcat photo, I have issues - not, though, with modern packaging, I have even bigger issues than a lack of Doritos!

You see. Two weeks ago I started seeing a chiropractor, and part of her ideas for fixing me was no more baths. She explained that my muscles get nice and soft and pliable after sitting in the hot hot water I love to use, and the motion of getting up and out of the bath while my muscles are so pliable is popping my sacrum and hip back to where they are used to be. And where they used to be is the wrong spot. She explained that until I get my joints used to being in the right position, they are just going to revert to their old painful position if I bathe.

So I stopped bathing. Showers, even nice hot, long showers are OK, there are no awkward movements when you exit the shower, it's just the bath.


I love the bath.

No. Really. I. Love.The.Bath.

I read, I nap, I take care of personal grooming (I've tried shaving my legs in the shower, but I tend to fall down a lot). But most importantly, Every night when I bathe, I spend ten to twenty minutes with a hot cloth over my face, then wash my face.

Without my regular bath, and the lack of face washing routine, I have been getting zits as bad - or worse than an eight grader! And not little ones either!

It's time to break out the acnepril becuase even though I have been given the go ahead to get back into the tub - that reminds me, I'm supposed to ice for 20 minutes after my bath - BRB.

OK, I'm back. I've got my ice pack on. I just got out of the bath a few minutes ago!

Anyway. even though I am back to my nightly face washing routine, I had to break out something a bit stronger than steam, exfoliates and moisturizer, just to get these zits under control.

I can only hope it works fast becuase I feel just as much a dork walking around with my pizza face, as I did when I was in grade eight!

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