Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sisterly Update

Last night my sister called me from the hospital. She had gone in for her routine dialysis treatment. Since the removal of her Kidney in November, she had been complaining of stomach pain. Some pain was to be expected, as they have to cut through a lot of muscle to get to the kidney.

Several times my sister had gone to the ER, and been sent home with pain pills, and several times (read - every treatment) she had complained to her doctors when she went for dialysis, but nothing was done.

Last Saturday my sister called me from home, she had been to the ER, in horrible pain and was ticked off that they gave her pain pills and sent her on her way. She wanted them to DO something.

So yesterday when she was at dialysis she complained to Doctor K. Doctor K has been my sisters renal doctor since she was three (Since my sister was three, not the doctor LOL)

Dr. K did an ultrasound, but nothing showed up on that, so she had a Cat Scan done on her. My sister was in some pretty bad pain.

The cat scan showed that she had a lot of air in her, and that soemthing was wonkey with her bowels. When my sister called, she referred to it as a "break in the bowels". The doctors had her sign a colostomy bag consent form before the surgery, and did a vertical incision in her abdomen to see what was what.

I called the hospital this morning, but I am not on the contact list so the nurse refused to tell me anything (I am now on the contact list, I made sure of that) The only thing the nurse was willing to tell me is that my sister was out for a smoke at that moment, and that was very reassuring, because if you are well enough to go out for a smoke, you are not in imminent danger of death!

My sister called me back about ten minutes later to tell me what was going on - and to put me on the contact list LOL

THANKFULLY it was not her bowels at all! Her appendix had burst - we thing Saturday, and that was what was causing all the issues!

My sister won't be running on ellipticals anytime soon, the incision is much larger than the one you would normally get for an appendectomy, but holy hell, compared to what it COULD have been, a burst appendix is NOTHING!

I am so very VERY relieved!


Nobody™ said...

Glad to hear it wasn't anything more serious than that.

Finn said...

Amazing. A burst appendix can kill ya'. I'm thrilled she's going to be OK!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

I was so worried for her when you twittered about her needing surgery last night. I'm glad that she's going to be OK.