Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Ties

My little brother is staying with me for a few days, it will be interesting, for sure, as we are very very different from each other and used to never get along. As we grew older, and especially when we lost our sister, we grew closer, and now I would pretty much do anything that I have the power to do, for him.

So when he called and asked if he could stay over for a few days, I said yes.

Our house is different from where he lives, for one, we don't drink,and he didn't bring beer, so he is out his nightly cold one, and at his house he has a Samsung HDTV, a big one that takes up most of his living room, where we have a "small" 32 inch TV, so that is different too.

It will be a very interesting few days, but he needed a safe haven for a few, and I could not say no to him.

Wish us both the best of luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sad Day

We ran into the city tonight to pick up some orange M&M's for a cupcake we have planned next week. On the way home, we stopped in our small towns only movie store, a Movie Gallery, becuase it is going out of business.

Turns out,m all the movie gallery stores both in Canada and the US are going out of business. They filed for bankruptcy, not being able to keep up with the competition redbox and netflix offers.

We were able to pick up three games for quite cheap - one that Parker picked up was 3.99 after the discounts, and my husband picked up a new, never played, sealed game (uncharted 2) that retails for 60-65$ for 47 after discounts.

While I do enjoy saving money on these three games, I am beyond worried about what we are going to do for our Saturday night movies. See, every Saturday night we rent a movie and watch it as a family, and we have done so for the past four years. Now what do i do? I am going to have to look into netflix or redbox or something, I guess, but I don't know how expensive those services are at all!

Even sadder for me, my ten year old had said more than once, that when he is sixteen he would want to work at the movie gallery, and it would have been a perfect fit for him! I can see him in my head, working minimum wage, doped up on acne treatments, giving the guys tips on whatever gaem they rented, and hitting on the girls, but now what do we do? I mean, I don't even know if netflix and the like work in Canada!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation

This winter, our sky light once again leaked. Well, not so much a leak as the window gathers a thick THICK layer of ice on it, on the inside, and then melts down the walls. I end up standing on a stool, with towels, catching all the drips as they run down the wall so that they don't hit the roof and ruin it. Then, when my husband comes home from work, he has to go and borrow the big ladder and using a blow dryer, spend an hour melting off all the ice so that I don't have to stand there with my towel.

It is a pain in the ASS.

The first year, we went up and added more insulation, thinking that was the problem. Nope. The second year, we took the skylight out, and replaced the seal, thinking that would help, and it did, for the next winter, then it leaked again.

This summer, when hubs is off work for his two week shut down, he and his dad are going to check the seal, the insulation (we don't have to worry about Mesothelioma treatment becuase we have the proper insulation, not the old kind that caused cancer) If the seal is still good, and the insulation is still where it is supposed to be, they are going to replace the skylight entirely, in hopes that the seal between the double paned glass is gone and that is why the ice is building up.

If it leaks this winter, after whatever they do this summer to fix it, that was its very last chance, and I get to tear out the skylight and build it in.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We are supposed to get FOUR inches of rain tonight. And another few tomorrow! I am SO tired of the rain. I'm SO tired of the mud - side note, am I the only person who dislikes mud? I saw EIGHT different people on atv's in the field on the way to the school today. Who does their laundry? SERIOUSLY!

I think the worst part about all of the rain, the days and days and days and days of rain, is all the mosquitoes! When it finally stops raining for a few minutes and the boys go outside to play, they are chase right back in by the bugs! Logan's legs look like he has chicken pox, and trust me, I have been spraying them all down liberally with OFF!

Speaking of bugs, my dad is big into archery and owns a shop you can order supplies from, he just ordered himself this target LOL

Funniest target EVER.

Back to the rain issue, it is raining now, supposed to rain Friday, I've heard both that it will and will not rain Saturday, no rain Sunday (yeah right) then rain again Monday through Thursday of next week. It is also supposed to rain all of Canada day long weekend, which is the pits 'cus we are going camping that weekend!

I would very much like the rain to go away so I can enjoy summer. PLEASE!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Teeny Tiny Banana Breads

Quite a while ago, my dad bought me tiny loaf pans. I wanted them specifically to make tiny loaves of banana bread, they are the perfect size to cut in half and send to school with the boys.

This afternoon my mother in law dropped off a flat of bananas, still yellow, but we all know how fast bananas turn, so I decided to not wait for them to go brown, and make some banana bread today!


My husband loves banana bread. Maybe even more than he loves me! I betcha when he is an old man, we could forgo the enzyte and just bring a pan of banana bread into the bedroom to rev his engines. THATS how much he loves banana bread.

Normally I put chocolate chips in the bread, but I decided not to today, and instead, tried something new. I mixed milk vanilla icing sugar and peanut butter and made icing for the bread!


See how light the tops are? I ran out of baking soda and the internet told me to leave out the salt and replace the baking soda for baking powder 1:2 (double the soda) so I did. Normally, my banana bread is quite dark on top. I always assumed it was from me cooking it so long - but maybe the soda has something to do with the color?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


What the heck is Cyber Monday? I've seen that phrase at LEAST twenty times in the last week. Im so lazy. I seriously copied that link up there that I am certain would tell me what it is, and yet, I didn't bother to read it. heh.

Speaking of Monday, did you know that Monday may 31 is national Quit Face book Day? Cus it was. I didn't quit face book. I love face book. However, I do sympathies and understand why people are concerned with how face book is treating user privacy.

Other then photos, and my real name, and my email address there is nothing personal about me on face book. My "location" is not really my location, but the big city near where I live. I have pictures on face book, but all of them are, IMO, OK. There is not a single picture I would be afraid to show a boss or my grandmother or in twenty years, my grand kids, so those are good.

So yeah. I love face book. But i understand people who don'!