Friday, June 18, 2010

Sad Day

We ran into the city tonight to pick up some orange M&M's for a cupcake we have planned next week. On the way home, we stopped in our small towns only movie store, a Movie Gallery, becuase it is going out of business.

Turns out,m all the movie gallery stores both in Canada and the US are going out of business. They filed for bankruptcy, not being able to keep up with the competition redbox and netflix offers.

We were able to pick up three games for quite cheap - one that Parker picked up was 3.99 after the discounts, and my husband picked up a new, never played, sealed game (uncharted 2) that retails for 60-65$ for 47 after discounts.

While I do enjoy saving money on these three games, I am beyond worried about what we are going to do for our Saturday night movies. See, every Saturday night we rent a movie and watch it as a family, and we have done so for the past four years. Now what do i do? I am going to have to look into netflix or redbox or something, I guess, but I don't know how expensive those services are at all!

Even sadder for me, my ten year old had said more than once, that when he is sixteen he would want to work at the movie gallery, and it would have been a perfect fit for him! I can see him in my head, working minimum wage, doped up on acne treatments, giving the guys tips on whatever gaem they rented, and hitting on the girls, but now what do we do? I mean, I don't even know if netflix and the like work in Canada!!!

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