Friday, June 11, 2010

Teeny Tiny Banana Breads

Quite a while ago, my dad bought me tiny loaf pans. I wanted them specifically to make tiny loaves of banana bread, they are the perfect size to cut in half and send to school with the boys.

This afternoon my mother in law dropped off a flat of bananas, still yellow, but we all know how fast bananas turn, so I decided to not wait for them to go brown, and make some banana bread today!


My husband loves banana bread. Maybe even more than he loves me! I betcha when he is an old man, we could forgo the enzyte and just bring a pan of banana bread into the bedroom to rev his engines. THATS how much he loves banana bread.

Normally I put chocolate chips in the bread, but I decided not to today, and instead, tried something new. I mixed milk vanilla icing sugar and peanut butter and made icing for the bread!


See how light the tops are? I ran out of baking soda and the internet told me to leave out the salt and replace the baking soda for baking powder 1:2 (double the soda) so I did. Normally, my banana bread is quite dark on top. I always assumed it was from me cooking it so long - but maybe the soda has something to do with the color?

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