Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation

This winter, our sky light once again leaked. Well, not so much a leak as the window gathers a thick THICK layer of ice on it, on the inside, and then melts down the walls. I end up standing on a stool, with towels, catching all the drips as they run down the wall so that they don't hit the roof and ruin it. Then, when my husband comes home from work, he has to go and borrow the big ladder and using a blow dryer, spend an hour melting off all the ice so that I don't have to stand there with my towel.

It is a pain in the ASS.

The first year, we went up and added more insulation, thinking that was the problem. Nope. The second year, we took the skylight out, and replaced the seal, thinking that would help, and it did, for the next winter, then it leaked again.

This summer, when hubs is off work for his two week shut down, he and his dad are going to check the seal, the insulation (we don't have to worry about Mesothelioma treatment becuase we have the proper insulation, not the old kind that caused cancer) If the seal is still good, and the insulation is still where it is supposed to be, they are going to replace the skylight entirely, in hopes that the seal between the double paned glass is gone and that is why the ice is building up.

If it leaks this winter, after whatever they do this summer to fix it, that was its very last chance, and I get to tear out the skylight and build it in.

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