Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We are supposed to get FOUR inches of rain tonight. And another few tomorrow! I am SO tired of the rain. I'm SO tired of the mud - side note, am I the only person who dislikes mud? I saw EIGHT different people on atv's in the field on the way to the school today. Who does their laundry? SERIOUSLY!

I think the worst part about all of the rain, the days and days and days and days of rain, is all the mosquitoes! When it finally stops raining for a few minutes and the boys go outside to play, they are chase right back in by the bugs! Logan's legs look like he has chicken pox, and trust me, I have been spraying them all down liberally with OFF!

Speaking of bugs, my dad is big into archery and owns a shop you can order supplies from, he just ordered himself this target LOL

Funniest target EVER.

Back to the rain issue, it is raining now, supposed to rain Friday, I've heard both that it will and will not rain Saturday, no rain Sunday (yeah right) then rain again Monday through Thursday of next week. It is also supposed to rain all of Canada day long weekend, which is the pits 'cus we are going camping that weekend!

I would very much like the rain to go away so I can enjoy summer. PLEASE!

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