Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Ties

My little brother is staying with me for a few days, it will be interesting, for sure, as we are very very different from each other and used to never get along. As we grew older, and especially when we lost our sister, we grew closer, and now I would pretty much do anything that I have the power to do, for him.

So when he called and asked if he could stay over for a few days, I said yes.

Our house is different from where he lives, for one, we don't drink,and he didn't bring beer, so he is out his nightly cold one, and at his house he has a Samsung HDTV, a big one that takes up most of his living room, where we have a "small" 32 inch TV, so that is different too.

It will be a very interesting few days, but he needed a safe haven for a few, and I could not say no to him.

Wish us both the best of luck!

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