Monday, July 05, 2010

Redneck AC

Although summer is a time of heat and bugs, a time to ask your self if you need engagement gift ideas? for the many couples who get married in July and August, it is shockingly, a time for me to be cold.

Yeah, you read that right. We have been having days of plus 20-30 and I am cold.

We did not buy an air conditioner, nope, what we did was lift the attic door up and out of the way. The hot air is going up and the cool air is coming down. The floor under the attic door is positively freezing!

All day today it has rained, and due to the extra chill of the rain, I had to put on my extraordinary thigh highs from sock dreams to fight off the chill. I would have wrapped up in a blankie, but the blankies I usually keep on my couch in the winter and fall have been put away for summer.

We took the attic door off in the beginning becuase my hubs and his dad have been working in the attic to remove our skylight, but now that we can see the drastic change in temperature just by having it open, we plan on doing this every summer. Sure, there will be days like today where I end up shivering in my socks, but that is a small, chilly price to pay to have the house not feel like a sauna on those very very hot summer days!

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