Sunday, July 11, 2010

Speaking of coffee

I just poured myself a cuppa, and am waiting for it to cool a smidgen so I can drink it.

I forget how many calories a teaspoon of sugar (white, granulated) has in it, but I looked at my creamer when I poured it, and it is 40 calories per table spoon.

Too freaking bad coffee is not one of those weight loss drinks, cus I bet I waste prolly half my daily calories on cream and sugar every day with how much coffee i drink!


And do not ask me to give up coffee, but if only I could give up my cream and sugar - coffee itself has no calories, if i am remembering correctly.

*Oh! still too hot!!!!*

I hate burning my lips on my mug :(

Heading to facebook to see if anything fun is happening there!

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