Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chocolate covered birds?

I'm so tired of the oil spill coverage. I know it is important that we all know just what happened and is happening and what will happen in the future, but it is so freaking depressing. Tar balls washed up in Texas this week. Did you know that?

it;s terrifying to think on it too much!

So many, so so so so SO MANY dead animals. Sharks are being pushed closer to shores to escape the oil, people are being bit where never a shark attack had occurred before. widows are filing for claims under the Louisiana Jones Act, millions of men and woman are out of jobs, out of money, out of food and out of or soon will be, out of homes.

Convenience stores are suffering because people are boycotting BP oil, it's just all so much to take in!

I feel bad for the birds, the fish the grasslands and the beaches, but I feel so much worse for the men, women and children who are being directly affected by this horrible event.

And even if they stop the spill tomorrow, nothing is gonna help those families :(

*The title is from a comedian who said something along the lines of "Ive been offline for a while, whats with all the chocolate covered birds?"

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