Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fingers crossed

We are heading to the city tonight (Me and Micah) (See the post below to find out why LOL) I want to stop at a few places. First off, I want a kiddie pool. My kids are indeed way too big for that pool, but I find that having that pool in the driveway is an excellent way of keeping them occupied, they cool off by splashing in it, they fill their water gins and sometimes they just sit in it, either way, its cheaper to fill that up than have them run the sprinkler all day long!

In our house, those kiddie pools only last one season, I have boys and they are a wee rough in their play and things do get broken. This week is the opportune time to get the kiddie pool becuase we will have an empty car, the kids are gone for the week so we can fold down their chairs and hopefully fit the pool in. I dunno yet what I will do if we cant fit it in LOL

The otehr thing I want to do is stop and look at and maybe purchase a new faucet. We are nearly done the kitchen, the interior is done, and we cannot take off the skylight int he roof until we get a day, a full day, without rain, bunt seeing as we are done except the roofing material and are WAY under budget, I can get my faucet now instead of later.

I want the kind with a pull out sprayer so I can 1. Spray the kids (I remember my parents doing that to us) 2. Strap out the sinks easier, and 3. (most important) fill the coffee machine without having to use the stupid drippy pot.

The facet doesn't have to be fancy, not the whole house water filter kind or anything, just so long as it has a good guarantee and a pull out sprayer.

Three months ago when we looked at them and priced them out I found a great one that i really liked, so I hope it is there when we go back!

Fingers crossed!

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