Thursday, July 08, 2010

Shopping List

So. I'm quitting smoking. Again.


Try try again and all that rot.

Wish me luck!

I feel a bit different about this time, than I ever did with any other time before. i don;t want to jinx myself, but I'm excited about this attempt and in the past I have always been apprehensive about it! Take that as you will!

As well as giving me a prescription for a stop smoking aid, my doctor gave me an informal prescription. She wants me to take daily walks. And i will. Unless it is raining!


We are going shopping, our normal, every two week shopping trip, on Saturday and there will be a few extra items on the list.

Gum for one.

Carrots and celery to be cut into strips.

Grapes and nectarines (Who else here loves nectarines?)

I'm considering searching online for thebest diet pills, but I will try the gum/fruit/veggie/walk thing first.

I'm already a bit over weight, and I do NOT want to go any more over what I am at now, BUT if I do, a few extra pounds will be a small price to pay for my health!!

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