Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost done

We are nearly done the remove the skylight that leaks and annoys me project. the interior is all sealed up, insulated and painted, the lights are even up - and if I may say so, it looks fucking awesome!

(there are two of these track lights in the "hole", they cost 69$ each. They are cute, but the halogen light bulbs are both pricey and put pout a tonne of heat.

Here is the whole thing, with both lights

Bad bad photo, when the lights are on int he evening, it looks awesome, I can only assume that the bright bright light from the window is interfering, becuase IRL they do not cast a yellow glow!

It still needs another coat of paint on the crown molding and the short wall, but other then that, it's done.

We tied the electrical (and went by code, never fear) to the light in the kitchen, so that it operates all on one switch, but when they guys took down the kitchen light a wire got pinched and it blew a thingy int he light (It was one of them ugly florescent box lights) so instead of letting Micah and his dad fix it, I insisted we just get a new fixture :D

We went to a hardware/lighting superstore looking at lights, but ended up ordering online LOL.

The last thing to do in the kitchen/dining room* - other than painting, which is a huge job for reasons I wont get into in this post, is to change the kitchen faucet. Right now we have a Moen kitchen faucet, and it is a very good one, no signs of wear (its nine years old) no leaks, we haven't had a single problem with it, ever, BUT. I want a faucet with the spray attachment so that i can use the attachment to fill up my coffee pot instead of messing with filling the pot and pouring.

When I was a kid, nine or ten, I fell down a flight of stairs and broke both wrists, badly. I have since, broken the (various) bones in my worsts no less than 13 times. my wrists are extremely weak and it is physically hard for me to make coffee.

We are looking for a faucet that has the pull out spray thingy on the side, not one that it comes out the tap, and I am more than willing to pay good money for a good faucet - we will probably get a Moen again, it's a line that has proven itself to me, but if they don't have the faucet I want, then I will go elsewhere :P

(pee ess: I would show you a picture of my faucet, but I made cookies late LATE last night and all those dishes are in the sink LOL)

*eventually I want a tile back splash, but its a pricey job so it will have to wait!

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