Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shhhhh! I'm Hiding!

Micah is on the very last day of his two week vacation (BOOO!!!) he goes back to work on Monday (BIGGER BOOO!!!!) But right now, instead of relaxing and playing video games or whatever, he is stomping around the house, garage, and backyard, looking for clamps that his dad either lost or the boys absconded with.

How flippin' annoying! And, i don';t blame him for being noisy and upset, he has spent 99% of his shutdown doing work all day long, on the house, so not really a vacation at all, eh?

Only good spot is that his parents are taking the boys for a weeks tarting monday or Tuesday night, so we will be kid free, BUT, its gonna be damn boring round the house with just me at home while he goes to work!


I guess i should help him find his clamps so that we can get back to relaxing!

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