Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last Friday, Micah and I went to a movie (Jonah Hex) and we arrived very early for it. We ended up having to wait a full three quarters of an hour for the movie to start. I was very annoyed at our timing.

While waiting, we had a bit of wifi coming in, not a strong signal for sure, but enough to go online and bitch about waiting on facebook LOL. When the signal would cut out, and it did often, all we could do was wait, not very patiently. One time when the signal had cut, I noticed that the theater we were in had the exit signs for that particular theater situated right beside the screen. Now, as you are aware, an exit sign is a bright red glowing sign. I pointed it out to Micah while we were there and told him that I bet the sign is going to be a big distraction during the movie, after all, its Right.There, right beside the screen we are watching, but you know what? I wasn't distracted from it at all, in fact, one point during the movie I remembered that I was annoyed at the sign and turned to look a t it, but I looked to the wrong side of the screen!

Johna Hex was a cute movie, but it wasn't THAT good, I wonder why i wasn't distracted by the sign?

Anyway. I thought of this now becuase Micah and I are heading to a movie tonight - not sure what though, and I was wondering if they would have their exit signs in an annoying (or not) place as well!

(pee ess: movie? In the middle of the week??? How? Simple,my dear! My inlaws have the boys over a their house for the next week! It rocks. Except Micah is at work. I miss him, and the house is way too quiet in the day. guess that is what I have to look forward to in the fall when Logan goes to school full time :( )

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