Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm very tired and I want to go to bed but I am stuck, chained to this slow and stupid computer waiting for some videos to load to you tube. I wish there was a way to do this on the lap top upstairs where it goes much much faster, but JJ said there is just no enough memory to have the photos stored up on the lap top.

I want to blow my nose but not enough to get off this chair and get a tissue. some would think I am lazy but that isn't the case. See if I get up, I will forget I am in the middle of something and never get back to it.

I always have weird dreams at night I wonder what I will dream of tonight?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


And so my son has his first play date tommorrow. I am kind of nervous. what if this child is horrible? I hope not. Id like to make friends with the mothers around town so the kids can have sleep overs and what nots.

im making cookies for him tommorrow afternoon.

I put three new pictures up in the photo blog.

my tooth is killing me and i cant quite get up the nerve to call the dentist. Im such a baby. anyone know how much dentures cost in canada and how long you are in pain from getting a billion teeth pulled at once?


Friday, March 16, 2007

Too Much Skin?

On to the part where I speak my mind. A few days ago I saw an add for an Armani clothing line that quite simply shocked the hell out of me.

Just look at it for a moment:
Who in their right minds has a child, what six? seven? in a string bikini??

This is why girls who are nine and ten feel it is OK to have oral sex. Why there are few sixteen year old virgins. This is not an acceptable way for a baby to dress. And do NOT tell me that a seven year old is not a baby. They sure as hell are! Do these advertisers not realise there are sick fucks out there who are going to use this piece of paper as fantasizing materials? What were the girls parents thinking!!

in the first place, I would be boycotting I know, I have only boys and no daughters. But I don't want my seven year old sons looking at a little girl dressed like a whore. and that is all this kind of thing leads too. If I could afford Armani their products now!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Gift

How exciting! My Granny just dropped in and brought me a present!

See, in August, it will be eight years since I married my husband. Our weddign was very rushed, and granny was kept on her toes because she made my wedding dress. Becuase I was eight months pregnant when we married, every fitting she would have to go back and release some seams for me.

I was a very very pregnant woman!

Anyway, since granny was so busy woring on the weddign for me, she had no time to make her usual wedding gift, which is always a quilt. So for a wedding gift ( like I needed one other then the dress!) she gave us a card and a note saying our quilt was coming.

Almost eight years later, my quilt is now lyaing on my bed, and its is beautiful! I will be taking photos of it very soona nd they can be found ont he photo blog.

Happy happy day

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Opinions please!

I have a "home daycare" I put it in brackets because its not really a daycare. Oh sure, I get paid, but I only take in one child, and Since i have had her since her first birthday, now, at almost three, she is just like my own, except for I don't have her weekends.

In the fall, my middle boy, blueboy will start kindergarten, and then it will just be me, HG and Stuperman. they will be three. I think that I should advertise for another child. But do I really want to pay to put in a newspaper ad? Should I print out a bunch and hang them around our town?

Its a small town.

I mean, I get lots of money for HG, but that all goes right away to various bills. if I had another baby/child in the "daycare" we could save up for a more reliable car.

I feel that with BB in school full time, I will have lots of time to still give each child equal attention, so what should I do? keep with just me and the toddlers this fall or try for another child? keeping in mind the two toddlers will be going to school them selves in two years and I will lose the income I now get from HG.

questions questions!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I love soap

I found some lovely soaps online, coffee flavored. they are made from lambs milk, which is quite intriguing to me. I don't think i have ever tried a product made from a lamb. that includes meat and wool

anyway the bars are only four dollars a piece, plus shipping, and the bottoms have coffee beans and the top has ground coffee right on them.

Since I love coffee, soaps and the bathtub, this seems to me, A match made in heaven!

I am waiting for word from the seller on how much shipping will be. in the back of my mind, I am saying oh these will make great stocking suffers, but the truth is, they are for me .

don't tell anyone, mmmk?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some day

I feel very confidant that some day i will win the lottery. In all honesty, 100,000 would be enough for me to be happy with. It would pay off our house and my student loans. So every week I buy a ticket for the Friday draw, and every week I am faintly shocked when I do not win.

I have no real plans for trips and expensive cars when I win the lottery. I just want to pay off my house. Can you imagine if you had no rent or mortgage payment every month? for us that would mean close to eight hundred dollars we could keep and spend on something else. like a car payment, for we dearly need a new car.

Also, with eight hundred extra dollars a moth we could plan and go on a vacation.

so you see, you don't need to win millions of dollars for a lottery to change your life!

or at least I do not!