Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Opinions please!

I have a "home daycare" I put it in brackets because its not really a daycare. Oh sure, I get paid, but I only take in one child, and Since i have had her since her first birthday, now, at almost three, she is just like my own, except for I don't have her weekends.

In the fall, my middle boy, blueboy will start kindergarten, and then it will just be me, HG and Stuperman. they will be three. I think that I should advertise for another child. But do I really want to pay to put in a newspaper ad? Should I print out a bunch and hang them around our town?

Its a small town.

I mean, I get lots of money for HG, but that all goes right away to various bills. if I had another baby/child in the "daycare" we could save up for a more reliable car.

I feel that with BB in school full time, I will have lots of time to still give each child equal attention, so what should I do? keep with just me and the toddlers this fall or try for another child? keeping in mind the two toddlers will be going to school them selves in two years and I will lose the income I now get from HG.

questions questions!

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