Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Gift

How exciting! My Granny just dropped in and brought me a present!

See, in August, it will be eight years since I married my husband. Our weddign was very rushed, and granny was kept on her toes because she made my wedding dress. Becuase I was eight months pregnant when we married, every fitting she would have to go back and release some seams for me.

I was a very very pregnant woman!

Anyway, since granny was so busy woring on the weddign for me, she had no time to make her usual wedding gift, which is always a quilt. So for a wedding gift ( like I needed one other then the dress!) she gave us a card and a note saying our quilt was coming.

Almost eight years later, my quilt is now lyaing on my bed, and its is beautiful! I will be taking photos of it very soona nd they can be found ont he photo blog.

Happy happy day

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