Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some day

I feel very confidant that some day i will win the lottery. In all honesty, 100,000 would be enough for me to be happy with. It would pay off our house and my student loans. So every week I buy a ticket for the Friday draw, and every week I am faintly shocked when I do not win.

I have no real plans for trips and expensive cars when I win the lottery. I just want to pay off my house. Can you imagine if you had no rent or mortgage payment every month? for us that would mean close to eight hundred dollars we could keep and spend on something else. like a car payment, for we dearly need a new car.

Also, with eight hundred extra dollars a moth we could plan and go on a vacation.

so you see, you don't need to win millions of dollars for a lottery to change your life!

or at least I do not!

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