Saturday, February 24, 2007

Various and Sundry

so im at my dads eating my cake. I couldnt have ice cream becuase its too cold for my teeth.

the chick on deal or no deal last night had the million in her case. she sold it for two hundred fifteen thousand. but come on! thats a fuck lot of money. Id be bummed about the million but not THAT bummed!

My hip has been really sore.

I wish I was at homew so I could DDR right now. i miss ddr. its been almost a week since i last played *gasp* I know. its horrible.

Im starting a low carb diet on Monday. got any food tips for me?

This is Blue Boy Talking about driving the tractor with grandpa:

we drove when too long then the two bolts broke off and then we went and hit rocks up in blades and then we made echos and then I couldnt find RM it was a secret door passaged and we went out of there and then we went home and then I couldnt unbuclek and then you said lucky for me ai had a mom and thats all.

im a little worried that this blog isnt going to be usefull for Pay per posts. I dont have it linked anywhere, which means it doesnt have ANY google rank nore does it have an alexa score. whateverthefuck that is. so i dont know if I will be able to take any posts. Whatever, if they accept it, great, if not, oh well.



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