Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine surprises

So. Since the hubster doesn't come here, let me tell you what i picked up for his valentines gift. Its so cute. A box of chocolates .

sounds simple, right? but its the box that makes it so darn cute.

its in the shape of boxer shorts, and its all padded and oh so cute.

This amuses me greatly.

Took my oldest son to coffee last night. Man , big mistake. A seven year old boy. Heh. so we were at walmart, which I love, so STFU. and i went to the clearance racks, thanks to BFF Kissy, and there were the BEST pants ever, for fourteen bux.

So I grabbed an 11, and tried them on. they fit good in the waist, could have been a bit looser, but I am in the middle of a diet so i was ok with the tightness.

My ass looked AWESOME

The length of the leg was a bit too long, but since it was a straight cut it would have been easy to hem them.

Have I mentioned that my ass looked AWESOME?

So why didn't I buy them?

OMG the camel toe. it wasn't even camel toe anymore, it was cowboy in too tight wranglers bulge.

what good is the great looking ass aspect if I have to wear a long shirt to cover the toe?

Yea. it sucks. I will survive though.

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