Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cake pops

For teh boys school Christmas celebrations, I made each of them a set of thirty cake pops. Ten snowman, ten reindeer and ten Christmas trees and they were quite a hit, let me tell you! I spent the day in Logans class with him for their class party, and the kids were positively feral for anything remotely sugarish!

And sugar there was! Wow! There were teh requisite meat and cheese and veggies trays, but most of the parents sent cookies squares, cupcakes and otehr such goodies! I had my fill, Im gonna need some decatrim after the way I ate, but it was all so good!

The best of all of the treats, I am happy to say, were the purple grapes. I've never had a grape so flavorful or juicy as those grapes! We normally get green grapes at the grocery store, becuase I remember purple grapes as being rather dry and flavorless, but according to my taste buds on Friday, that is about to change!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This morning I woke up and got dressed - I generally stay in my pajamas until noon or so, and quite often go back to bed after the boys go to school, but those morning was different because i had an appointment at 9:15 to take my pup to the groomers.

My groomer lives four blocs from me. I saw six cars in the ditch, one had hit a parked car and was quite banged up, on my way to her house. I sure hope those cars had gotten nice car insurance quotes, because with the two hours of freezing rain we had last night, I am sure those six cars are not the only vehicles in that ended up in the ditch last night/this morning.

I slid and slipped around the corners myself, and got stuck on one corner too!

And all of that for nothing, becuase today is Wednesday, not Thursday and Sam's appointment was for Thursday. if Only I had figured out how to tell the days of the week before I walked into my groomers place to find her in her pajamas and on her first cuppa java!

Gah! Embarrassing!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Santa

Our eldest is in grade six this year and he came home from school on Wedneesday all excited that his class is doing a secret santa. I know I was always excited about secret santa exchanges at my school.

At the schools there is a limit on the cost of the exchange to parents by enforcing a price cap on the gifts. That means that the super cool gifts like gym passes for wrestlers or a scooter are out, but its surprising how many gifts under ten bucks a kid can find.

We ended up spending a wee tiny bit more than the 10 limit, 12.99, but SHHHHH! That will be our secret!