Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cake pops

For teh boys school Christmas celebrations, I made each of them a set of thirty cake pops. Ten snowman, ten reindeer and ten Christmas trees and they were quite a hit, let me tell you! I spent the day in Logans class with him for their class party, and the kids were positively feral for anything remotely sugarish!

And sugar there was! Wow! There were teh requisite meat and cheese and veggies trays, but most of the parents sent cookies squares, cupcakes and otehr such goodies! I had my fill, Im gonna need some decatrim after the way I ate, but it was all so good!

The best of all of the treats, I am happy to say, were the purple grapes. I've never had a grape so flavorful or juicy as those grapes! We normally get green grapes at the grocery store, becuase I remember purple grapes as being rather dry and flavorless, but according to my taste buds on Friday, that is about to change!

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