Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer's coming!

there are only about ten more days of school left, and I am looking forward to summer vacation. Not as much as I normally am, what with my job, but that cant be helped. the boys have made all sorts of plans, like using paper craft supplies to make this and that, trips to the pool, and of course, jumping on the trampoline. I am hoping that I can work less hours over summer break, but we will see..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No luck..yet

A month ago, I was offered a shed for my back yard for my birthday. Of course I said hell yes, motherfucker! I have wanted a shed in the back yard since we moved into this house. everyone around us has either a shed or those residential steel garages for storage because on this street all the garages attached to the house are single car garages, and are quite small. I have no room for the bikes, and the mower and the wheelbarrow and the..the list goes on. However, my husband thinks that if we put a shed in the back yard we will have no room to enjoy the backyard, which is just ballocks. Im still working on him, wish me luck.