Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chgalugalugin' five miles an hour!


Ignore the title of this post! I went for a quick Slurpee run and this song was playing on the radio when I got home. I find that if I only hear part of a song, it gets stuck in my head faster than my slurpee can melt on a +30 afternoon!


This morning Logan spewed all over the couch and some got on the area rug we have in the living room. I scrubbed it as best I can, but you can still see where it sprayed. Anyone know something I can use that is color safe, and will work on area rugs? We don't have a carpet washer thingy and I really don't want to go rent one because other than two area rugs we have no carpet in the house!

I'm not an anal person when it comes to my house and it being neat and tidy, but one thing I hate are stains on the floors or furniture. If I spill coffee on the floor and miss some when I wipe it up, it just about ruins my day when I walk back into the kitchen and see the spots, SO. I either need to get this rug clean or start looking for discount rugs. The rug we have there now is about five years old and shows it. With two dogs it gets hairy quickly and even though I vacuum it, pet hair seems to weave itself into things and you can never get it all out.

In any case, I would rather try to clean the stain than buy a new rug right now, it;s only 89 or so days until Christmas, you know!

Location matters!

Five times int eh last three weeks - not counting getting my stitches removed- i have gone down to the new medical center here in town.

I love love love having a medical center - complete with x-ray machine, here in town.

Before, I would have to travel into the city, which, with traffic, takes me about 45 minutes to get to. My dad used to be able to deduct medical travel from his taxes, but that was when he would have to drive her six hours to get to the BIG city for her treatments.

It was SO mice the other night to just jump in the car, drive a block and take Logan into the doctors (ear ache) just like it is awesome that I can get Parkers' prescription filled here in town now!

Location matters, you know. Two summers ago, Blake fell off his bike and cut the underside of his chin. It was deep and should have had stitches, but by the time we had driven into the city and waited through the long long ER waits, the cut would be too old for stitches so we bandaged it up and sent him on his way. He has a sizable scar now. If the clinic had been open two summers ago, we would have taken him there, quick smart!

Continuing my search

We are almost done the first month of the school year and hence, the first month of me being home alone bored all day long because all my kids are gone.

After searching my area's want ads. I came to the conclusion that without furthering my educations there are no jobs available for me.

For me, an online, accredited university is the only way to go. I;m just not a morning person. I cannot get up and be at a bricks and mortar university for an 8am class and be able to retain the information. An online school, like Gonzaga University, will let me do my work anytime of day. Which is good, because evenings are when I do best!

I think it's amazing, the technological advances that will let a person go and get Online master degrees! Online! Without leaving the house!

Gonzaga University is ranked one of ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report. it isn't often that you find top rated university's offering online degrees, which is sad because the convinced of doing it online in your spare time means that people with jobs, or like me, with kids, actually have the opportunity to further their education.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SO Freaking COOL

In the wide world of blogging you get to meet a bunch of new people. Some people, you will read their story and keep walking, never giving them a second thought. Others you will read, and read and then read some more, their stories will make you cry, or make you laugh. Some will give you hope.

When you blog, and read the same people every day, when you interact with them on facebook, twitter and other cyber areas, you soon become friends with them. When you friends are sad, you are sad with them. And when good things happen, their joy is enough to make you smile thousands of miles away.

Kat is an online friend. We've never met, and we probably never will. She lives in Florida and i live in central Canada. Quite a distance. Those miles don't stop me from being overjoyed and amazed at what has happened in her life the past 48 hours!

See, Kat was adopted as a little girl, and now, after years and years apart, she finally got to meet her siblings, ON NATIONAL TV no less!

Here is a link to the video, you will have to sit through an ad first, mine was on affordable health insurance, but it is worth it to hear the amazing story of how Kat and her three siblings finally connected.

In fact, the story is SO amazing, Tyra, from the Tyra banks show has reached out VIA twitter to Kat and her siblings to see if they will be on her show!

So cool.

I wish Kat and her new found family many many years of happiness!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Is over

Welcome to the first day of fall.

I hate fall. Fall means winter is coming and winter means it is cold and that I am going to have nasty dry itchy skin and the flu and catch colds and freeze my toes all day long.

All last winter I posted about how I wanted to lose weight, I researched online (and off) on how to lose belly fat , I bought work out DVD's and carrots and celery. I drooled over the bags of chips but (for the most part) did not put them in my shopping cart.

All last winter, my goal for summer was to be skinny. And here we are, On September 21st, the very first (calendar) day of fall and I am fat as ever :o(

So. What now?

Mondays and Wednesdays, Logan is in school and I have the house completely to myself. There is no one to watch me sweat and swear as I lumber through my videos. No one asking me for a cookie at 10 am making me want one too.

THIS is the winter I am going to lose the weight. I have scaled my goal down by a lot. I've decided that I need to give myself a reasonable goal this winter. You see. my goal ths winter is NOT to lose weight!


My goal is to fit into the jeans on my top shelf by the first day of summer. One size. that's all I want to lose and I want to do it without looking at the scale!

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Online Education

My youngest had his first day of school this past Monday and I was bored stiff. I thumbed through the paper classifieds and then some online ones for my area and quickly realized that I am not qualified to do ANYTHING outside the home.

It has been over ten years since I was last in the work force and everything has changed.

Since Micah and I only have one car, for me to do anything, in terms of ensuring I have the right qualifications for a job, I started searching for online courses, and that brought me to Masters of Science in Information Security.

Now, obviously I love computers, I'm on mine at home all day long, so this perked my interest. The fact that it is an accredited University that offers Masters Degrees is just perfect. There is an option to enroll on a campus, instead of online, but like I said, the car thing - and distance! The faculty you would be learning with is very impressive and the courses seem to cover a broad range of computer specialize programs.

I know that I am not the only one who is looking to further my employment opportunities, and while I am reasonably sure that I could snag a job as a waitress or gas jockey, If i'm going to work, I'm going to do something FUN!

With that in mind, here are some links that I think you would find interesting - if you are interested in online courses, anyway.

Information security courses: A 35-Credit hour program offering Computer organization, Data networking and many more subjects (even intrusion detection, response and recovery)

I'd never make it as a copy writer, so I;m going to quote a portion of the website:

Careers in Information Security

The Lewis University Master of Science in Information Security has been developed for individuals seeking to provide a more secure IT environment. Businesses, organizations, and government agencies everywhere need highly trained professionals capable of assessing threats and of designing and implementing counter measures in IT security.

And finally, here is a handy dandy FAQ to help answer any more questions you have!

(Pee Ess: Financial Aid is available for those who qualify!)