Sunday, September 27, 2009

Continuing my search

We are almost done the first month of the school year and hence, the first month of me being home alone bored all day long because all my kids are gone.

After searching my area's want ads. I came to the conclusion that without furthering my educations there are no jobs available for me.

For me, an online, accredited university is the only way to go. I;m just not a morning person. I cannot get up and be at a bricks and mortar university for an 8am class and be able to retain the information. An online school, like Gonzaga University, will let me do my work anytime of day. Which is good, because evenings are when I do best!

I think it's amazing, the technological advances that will let a person go and get Online master degrees! Online! Without leaving the house!

Gonzaga University is ranked one of ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report. it isn't often that you find top rated university's offering online degrees, which is sad because the convinced of doing it online in your spare time means that people with jobs, or like me, with kids, actually have the opportunity to further their education.

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