Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chgalugalugin' five miles an hour!


Ignore the title of this post! I went for a quick Slurpee run and this song was playing on the radio when I got home. I find that if I only hear part of a song, it gets stuck in my head faster than my slurpee can melt on a +30 afternoon!


This morning Logan spewed all over the couch and some got on the area rug we have in the living room. I scrubbed it as best I can, but you can still see where it sprayed. Anyone know something I can use that is color safe, and will work on area rugs? We don't have a carpet washer thingy and I really don't want to go rent one because other than two area rugs we have no carpet in the house!

I'm not an anal person when it comes to my house and it being neat and tidy, but one thing I hate are stains on the floors or furniture. If I spill coffee on the floor and miss some when I wipe it up, it just about ruins my day when I walk back into the kitchen and see the spots, SO. I either need to get this rug clean or start looking for discount rugs. The rug we have there now is about five years old and shows it. With two dogs it gets hairy quickly and even though I vacuum it, pet hair seems to weave itself into things and you can never get it all out.

In any case, I would rather try to clean the stain than buy a new rug right now, it;s only 89 or so days until Christmas, you know!

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