Monday, October 12, 2009


Today was Thanksgiving in Canada. I understand it is Columbus Day in the United States?

We had a veritable feast. Not just the usual fare, the turkey and the dressing with cranberry sauce, we had Greek foods and Japanese, we had spicy shrimp dips (I didn't try that one, I hate seafood). We had fresh home made rolls and for dessert, coconut cream pie, pumpkin, apple, chocolate pie and several different types of squares.

After just this one day of eating (which began at nine AM with crepes at my sister in laws) My belly is bursting at the seams, I need more than a fat burner, I need a miracle!

It's unfortunate that thanksgiving is followed by Halloween, which is followed by Christmas, becuase I have zero will power and can't say no to a second helping of dressing (with extra gravy) any more than I can say no to a miniature chocolate bar snuck from the kids Halloween buckets as they sleep!

By New Years Day I will be the size of a hippo!

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