Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 31st, Destroyer of Diets

Have you seen all the wee, tiny, delicious, individually wrapped chocolate bars in the stores lately?


October 31st. the day Most call Halloween, but I call The Destroyer of Diets is almost here. This year, I am lucky. Because of how the days work, Micah's payday falls on the Friday immediately before Halloween and I convinced him we should wait until then to purchase candy to give out to the ghouls and goblins who ring our bell.

Of course my REAL reason on waiting to buy candy is that this is the time of year where not even the best weight loss pills are going to help me.

I love, LOVE candy, but those miniature versions, they do something dark and dirty to me. It's like, "Hey! This chocolate bar is soooooo small, just one bite! It's not gonna hurt to have one" and I steal one from the boys bucket of candy. Then i take another and another, and ANOTHER.

I just cannot stay away from them. Tiny Kit Kats, Tiny Aero bars, Teeny Tiny Wonderbars! I both dread and look forward to Halloween SO much.

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