Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vehicular Modifications!

We have a 1995 Ford Taurus, and it is showing it's age. A lot! In the summer we tried to take it camping, and pulled a very tiny tent trailer almost forty miles - then te engine over heated and we were stuck on the side of the road. Then we had to get all new tired and new brakes in the rear becuase they had seized up.

On the 22rd of December our car decided to have the front brakes fail - while I was driving on the highway with Stuperman! We had to replace those on the 27th - that was the soonest we were able to get into the city!

Sure we save a lot on labor becuase Hubs and his dad do all of the repairs, but the parts part is getting pretty expensive. I wonder how long until we are forced to replace it? We need a car that works reliably because Hubs works in the city - a fifteen minute drive there and back five days a week.

We are crossing fingers toes and elbows that the car will last just two and a half more years. Then Stuperman will be in school full time and I can get a part time job. A part time job would pay well enough that we could meet a car payment but at the same time, wouldn;t pay so much that it would reflect on our taxes!

I know that Hubs wants a sporty car, with heated seats and car spoilers and the like, But I really miss our van and If I was the decided in the type of vehicle, We would get a van in a heartbeat!


Dammit! The bank pisses me off! OMG

So a few days ago I checked the balance left on our mortgage and giggled and laughed with hubs! You see, after our regular payment yesterday our balance would be under 90,000. That's damn cool!

Today I logged in and checked the balance, ready to shout gleefully, only to flip out. Even though we paid our mortgage - and have in fact never missed a payment, even though it was SUPPOSED to slide out of the 90's, we are still in the 90's. By 121.00 in fact.

I KNOW that the killer part of having a mortgage is the interest and that the lower the balance gets the faster it gets paid off because the amount you are getting charged interest is lower but still! I'm ticked off!

I might as well look into buying some used cisco. At this rate, thats the only thing we will be able to afford!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cars - Sigh

Our car was made in 1994. or 5. I forget which one. In any case, it is old. And falling apart. Last night I Was very board and decided to take Stuperman and head to the city for coffee. All was fine going there - the brakes seemed a little off, but it's winter, everything is slippery then.

Unfortunately, the brakes failed completely on the way home. NO worries, This was not my first experience with no brakes, so after I calmed down, Me and Teh Baby were fine. We coasted to a stop.

Teh Baby did learn a new four letter word beginning with F though..

In any case, when we went to my dads today for Christmas Part Teh One, We took my In laws car. Never even thought to check that the trunk was empty for bringing home things!

After turkey and dessert, Hubs went to load up the trunk with all of our loot and the darn thing was half filled with stuff. One smart thing was a shovel and a travelpro suitcase filled with emergency roadside supplies.

I should get some things together for our car so that when the brakes are fixed we are all set to go!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Laugh of the day!

Generally, whenever we get into the car to go somewhere the kids ask where we are going, nine out of ten times we respond with "Crazy".

we usually end up either at the grocery store, or coffee.

This morning Stuperman (3.5) was sitting on the living room couch singing a song about a birdy who poops on heads. Over and over and over.

I said "Stuperman, You're crazy!"

To which he replied, in all seriousness "Mom, Crazy is a store"


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spring Training Starts!

Have you ever gotten Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets?

On the norm, I find watching sports on the television utterly boring! All of that changes the minute you are out in the stands, Hot dog in one hand, Pop in the other.

I think it would be awesomely exciting to be able to attend a spring training session, watch the guys get ready for the new season, and more importantly, be able to check out the new rookies!

I think that going to a training session would be great for the boys to see as well. They have very little interest in organized sports, neither of them want to join the teams around town.

Maybe if they could see the action live, they would perk up a bit!

Christmas Holidays

Today was Blue Boys last day of school until the eight of January. Rainbow Man And Hubs both go to school slash work tomorrow and then they are off until the second of January.

In a way I am looking forward to it, but then again, this is the first time in a long while I will have all three boys at home for an extended period of time in a while.

Since summer to be exact.

I let Rainbow man stay home form school on Tuesday or Wednesday - all the days run together in my life - he was sick - a really sore throat, but he is like me, early AM and late PM his throat is sore and he coughs, but he was fine by eleven that day and then he got off the couch and played.

I just was not used to the noise levels!

Pee ess: what do we do with Smokey the wonder pup Christmas Morning? She will howl if we lock her in her kennel for the unwrapping, but if she is out, she will eat EVERYTHING!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dogs are NOT cute when they are sick

Yesterday Smokey The Pup ate a gingerbread man and a container of Sour cream. Not the sour cream - she ate the plastic container.

This morning, she is puking up yesterdays transgressions and it is beyond disgusting.

Why does she feel that she needs to be on the couch to throw up? the floor is way easier to clean up!

Although, I have to say I am happier to see the plastic bits coming out this end, as opposed to the other end.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

*giggle* I'm so sneaky

Well. I lasted until 11:15 this morning before having my first smoke.

I'm such a loser!

Our video of the foam mattress commercial is up at Where Was I ( Link in the side bar)

Although I find the word Stressmas hilarious I do not find The holidays to be stressful.

I love the holiday season.

I wrote SNACKAGE on the shopping lists and therefore my diet has been crucified.

I'm pretty tired. What are the chances of all the kids having a nap this afternoon so I can too?

SQUEEE the Christmas Concert is tomorrow!!

Did youlike my WTF bullet list with NO bullets?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making Movies

So we are almost done taping all of the parts of the commercial we are maming about memory foam mattress for bed in a box.

I am pretty excited about how it is going, but I will wait to see the clips on the computer monitor and until the editing is done before I get too, too excited!

Our Star in the video Is Rainbow Man. He is quite the little actor, and is always willing to improvise and improve on his lines.

I need to convince Hubs to stop the obsessive TV watching for a few minutes to tape the last part, so later vader!


I have to get a bunch of posts up, so sorry for exploding your feed readers. Speaking of feed readers, how many of you are having issues with the Bluepaintred feeds?

Anyways. I have to find a way to work the link car covers into a sentence.

How bout : The car covers the blood stains on the driveway.

Ok no, I;m kidding. But speaking of car covers, I don't need one, but the people who live in our old apartment building sure do. See we had this nice big shady tree to park under. It was great. Until the season change, when all of these sticky seed type things started falling off the tree.

It was horrible. We had to scrub for hours to get them off!


As I said in the post before, we went shopping today. You see, every two weeks, the Saturday After Payday, we go grocery shopping. Other than that day, we do not go shopping. If it was not on the list, then too bad, so sad.

We do buy milk and gas - but the kids need milk and the car needs gas and you cannot buy those items bulk.

So on the list in big bold letters today, I wrote : SNACKAGE

For the last week and a half I have just been insanely craving snack items, but since they were not bough shopping, too bad, so sad.

Today I bought three different types of chips, flavored crackers and three boxes of Christmas Chocolates.

I am SO addiced to Christmas Chocolates that my husband remarked I will need to go to a drug rehabilitation center after Christmas to get over my addiction!

I told him to STFU.

What happens at the mall, Stays at the mall

Today was quite the day. I talked about something BIG happening at Casa Del Bluepaintred over here. It's actually quite saddening.

But before all of that happened, Me and Hubs had spent soem time in the Malls doing our shopping. Not Stressmas shopping, but our normal every two week grocery shopping.

We did stop at a kiosk in the mall and pick up some touchable bubbles for the boys, but they are wicked cool, so whenever I see them I pick them up. The fun started when we were waiting in line to pay. A big, burly guy, more lumberjack than metrosexual was ahead of us. His pending purchase was hidden from view - deliberately. He had his hand over one end, and his wallet over the other end.

Normally, I don't care what people are buying, but when they try and hide it, then I get curious. I knew he would have to reveal it when he went to pay for it, so I waited paitently.

Silly men!

His purchase was one of those desk calenders. You know, with a page a day. The shocking part? It was called 365 HUNKS.


When I saw it I was tempted to ask him if he was a top or bottom, but then I might have needed the services of a personal injury lawyer!

Live in Raleigh? here's a link to a Raleigh personal injury lawyer

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter sucks : reason eight hundred and thirty nine

I know that my weight gain is a huge part of why my health is failing so quickly. My back is sore becuase my tummy is too fat. My feet and joints are sore from carrying this extra thirty pounds around. And yet? For seven or eight months of the year, to go outside and walk around the block I would be risking frostbite - of the lungs and extremities.

I don't have the money for a gym pass, and if I did, I have three small boys who have needs. I am not saying I never leave the house, but I do only go out once or twice a month, and that is after they go to sleep.

No a gym membership is out.

So the only thing I can thing of is to get some sort of elliptical machine. I know for a fact that when I have my iPod on I can tune out everything, I spend a lot of nights sewing that way, and you would be surprised at how fast the work goes when there is good music to listen too.

I have a room all set up for an elliptical machine too. All that is in this room is my sewing machine and the dogs kennel, so I would be able to exercise and take some time to myself without the nose and the constant I wants of the kids.

What do you think? Have you bought an exercises machine and then watched it collect dust or did you put it to use and watch your inches melt off?


Its like mother nature hates me.

In the last hour we have had an inch and a half of that hateful frozen white stuff. Just yesterday I killed my back getting rid of all the snow. My driveway sidewalks and steps were spotless. And now I cannot see where they start and the road begins.

Really there is no point in me telling hte eight year old to go and shovel when it is still pouring down from the clouds. He would have half of it done, look back and the part he had already done would be covered again.

But I really hate having the snow there. It gets dragged in on boots and makes a mess of my mat, and it is a hazard when Smokey has to go and she runs really fast.

No matter how much it bugs me to see it out there I refuse to shovel it myself. I just can't.

omg bullets

  • you have no idea how sore my back is. No. Idea
  • I am very excited that tonight is BFF Kissys Birthday. More for the fact I will get to see her than the fact it is her birthday
  • Hubs forgot to take out the trash this morning so I had to.
  • This is bad because of bullet number one
  • I will not shovel now again this year by the way.
  • either Mr. Eight year old can do it and get paid like he said he would OR it won't get done. Their choice
  • I have a little hand held massager. Last night I was sitting on teh couch with it pressed against the small of my back.
  • The dog is terrified of it.
  • I need to start spending less time online becuase sitting here is making my back hurt more.
  • Anyone know if those creams for sore backs actually work?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shutter Bug

I take a LOT of pictures. LOTS. You all see maybe ten percent of them online. Quite a few of my photos suck monkey balls and are deleted immediately. Some are really good, and still more, I spend hours playing with the lighting and the colors of the photo in the in camera editor.

I take pictures of the pictures the kids make.

I take pictures of the Smokey Pup...

A LOT of pictures of the Smokey Pup!

And of course I take a lot of pictures of the boys!

And the silly things they do too!
(Mr.Eight year old wrote "Hi my name is bread" In the butter)

My problem is my digital camera battery. I am not sure if it is becuase I take so many pictures, or if it is all the digital editing I do right on the camera, but I seem to be recharging it at least every three or four days.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't be Scared!

Bluepaintred is showing a 404 right now, and thats OK.

It might be showing a 404 error for two whole days and thats OK too.

Trust me, I have nobody working on it and it will all work out in the end!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wow. Look at all the dust!

So I haven't even loaded Paint up in days and days! Whats wrong with me?

I have decided to begin anew the game of weffriddle.

It should make for some interesting and curse filled posts to come.

If you are looking for Weffriddles, feel free to click, BUT fair warning. FAIR WARNING, weffiriddles is very addictive.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ahh yes. Winter

Last night brought us five new inches of snow, freezing rain, and a flu bug.

So far as I know, only one of us has it, and he has been segregated onto the couch with a Scooby Doo movie and a bucket.

I have my fingers crossed that the baby wakes up fine. He tends to be a follower in matters of germs. If one of us has it, he has it too. I have a feeling it is his unbridled passion for kissing that does it.

It is times like this that I am glad that by the age of one the kids all had been taught how to aim for a toilet or a bucket. I would hate to try and scrub puke from the floors!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Everyone is talking what to do about getting page rank back from google. Or if not gettin gpage rank back, what to do about the loss of it.

I have no idea what to do about it so I am sitting tight and doing absolutly nothing.

I deleted all the paid posts on BPR, all nine of them LOL, and resubmitted that blog to the google spiders, but if they refuse to return my pagerank, so be it!

Where Was I?

Lange Sohne.

Am I the only one who feels a bit left out when I hear words like that Lange Sohne is a brand of watches I know nothing about. I do not know about anything fashionable if you need to know the truth!

Some days I read blogs where girls are talking about designer jeans and Prada purses and I kinda wonder, where was I when they were passing out all this girl knowledge stuff?

I bet I was in the line for coffee.

Kids these days

My son is trying to save up money. I have no idea what for and he only has four dollars so far (although I foresee a bit more in the near future what with his three loose teeth)

This afternoon it was only about minus fifteen so the kids were sent out to play while we put away the groceries. One one of the trips out I found my five year old trying to sell real estate.

Seems the neighbor kids have used up most of the Usable snow in their front yard and wanted some of ours (YES!! Please!! Take it ALL) and Mr. Blue Boy was trying to sell the front yard for a dollar.


oh man plus le sigh

So it is quite obvious I love me some coffee. But lately? Coffee hasn't been tasting so good. I dunno if it is my coffee pot or me, but it seems that half an hour after I brew a pot the coffee tastes Super Burnt. AKA it sucks.

It's not as though I am asking the pot to make me a Jura capresso, is it?

I kind of wonder if it doesn't have something to do with this:

About two weeks ago, I went to turn the pot back on, it has a two hour shut off timer, which is the reason we bought it, we can never EVER remember to turn off the pot. The night I went to turn it back on, the button would not depress. It was broken!

I took it to my in-laws, three doors down, grabbed a new coffee pot from their storage room, and left my broken one for my FIL to fix.

Two days later, the coffee pot was back on my cupboard, button fixed, but ever since then... the strange saga of burning coffee has started..

I just can't win, can I?