Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shutter Bug

I take a LOT of pictures. LOTS. You all see maybe ten percent of them online. Quite a few of my photos suck monkey balls and are deleted immediately. Some are really good, and still more, I spend hours playing with the lighting and the colors of the photo in the in camera editor.

I take pictures of the pictures the kids make.

I take pictures of the Smokey Pup...

A LOT of pictures of the Smokey Pup!

And of course I take a lot of pictures of the boys!

And the silly things they do too!
(Mr.Eight year old wrote "Hi my name is bread" In the butter)

My problem is my digital camera battery. I am not sure if it is becuase I take so many pictures, or if it is all the digital editing I do right on the camera, but I seem to be recharging it at least every three or four days.

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Mel said...

I have the same problem with my camera, I think I need a new battery.