Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dogs are NOT cute when they are sick

Yesterday Smokey The Pup ate a gingerbread man and a container of Sour cream. Not the sour cream - she ate the plastic container.

This morning, she is puking up yesterdays transgressions and it is beyond disgusting.

Why does she feel that she needs to be on the couch to throw up? the floor is way easier to clean up!

Although, I have to say I am happier to see the plastic bits coming out this end, as opposed to the other end.....


Marilyn said...

Well, I'm glad they are coming out this end too...when they get stuck in betweeen things get sad and expensive.

It is very gross though. I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

My brother's rottweiler ate the Easter basket grass and it came (part way) out the other end. He had to finish pulling it out....Tres yuck!!!

Oh, and Smokey barfs on the couch to test how much you love her. Cuz if you didn't, you'd just lock her in the garage 'til she's all better...