Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cars - Sigh

Our car was made in 1994. or 5. I forget which one. In any case, it is old. And falling apart. Last night I Was very board and decided to take Stuperman and head to the city for coffee. All was fine going there - the brakes seemed a little off, but it's winter, everything is slippery then.

Unfortunately, the brakes failed completely on the way home. NO worries, This was not my first experience with no brakes, so after I calmed down, Me and Teh Baby were fine. We coasted to a stop.

Teh Baby did learn a new four letter word beginning with F though..

In any case, when we went to my dads today for Christmas Part Teh One, We took my In laws car. Never even thought to check that the trunk was empty for bringing home things!

After turkey and dessert, Hubs went to load up the trunk with all of our loot and the darn thing was half filled with stuff. One smart thing was a shovel and a travelpro suitcase filled with emergency roadside supplies.

I should get some things together for our car so that when the brakes are fixed we are all set to go!

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