Saturday, December 15, 2007


As I said in the post before, we went shopping today. You see, every two weeks, the Saturday After Payday, we go grocery shopping. Other than that day, we do not go shopping. If it was not on the list, then too bad, so sad.

We do buy milk and gas - but the kids need milk and the car needs gas and you cannot buy those items bulk.

So on the list in big bold letters today, I wrote : SNACKAGE

For the last week and a half I have just been insanely craving snack items, but since they were not bough shopping, too bad, so sad.

Today I bought three different types of chips, flavored crackers and three boxes of Christmas Chocolates.

I am SO addiced to Christmas Chocolates that my husband remarked I will need to go to a drug rehabilitation center after Christmas to get over my addiction!

I told him to STFU.


carrie said...

No no no no you will NOT need rehab after Christmas...considering that the Valentine's Day chocolates are out already in some places ;)

Bluepaintred said...

thats Just WRONG!