Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Its like mother nature hates me.

In the last hour we have had an inch and a half of that hateful frozen white stuff. Just yesterday I killed my back getting rid of all the snow. My driveway sidewalks and steps were spotless. And now I cannot see where they start and the road begins.

Really there is no point in me telling hte eight year old to go and shovel when it is still pouring down from the clouds. He would have half of it done, look back and the part he had already done would be covered again.

But I really hate having the snow there. It gets dragged in on boots and makes a mess of my mat, and it is a hazard when Smokey has to go and she runs really fast.

No matter how much it bugs me to see it out there I refuse to shovel it myself. I just can't.

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Not a Granny said...

Oh dear, perhaps we could pray to the Divine Mr. Fabulous and his new church to get the yukky white stuff to stop falling at your house!