Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vehicular Modifications!

We have a 1995 Ford Taurus, and it is showing it's age. A lot! In the summer we tried to take it camping, and pulled a very tiny tent trailer almost forty miles - then te engine over heated and we were stuck on the side of the road. Then we had to get all new tired and new brakes in the rear becuase they had seized up.

On the 22rd of December our car decided to have the front brakes fail - while I was driving on the highway with Stuperman! We had to replace those on the 27th - that was the soonest we were able to get into the city!

Sure we save a lot on labor becuase Hubs and his dad do all of the repairs, but the parts part is getting pretty expensive. I wonder how long until we are forced to replace it? We need a car that works reliably because Hubs works in the city - a fifteen minute drive there and back five days a week.

We are crossing fingers toes and elbows that the car will last just two and a half more years. Then Stuperman will be in school full time and I can get a part time job. A part time job would pay well enough that we could meet a car payment but at the same time, wouldn;t pay so much that it would reflect on our taxes!

I know that Hubs wants a sporty car, with heated seats and car spoilers and the like, But I really miss our van and If I was the decided in the type of vehicle, We would get a van in a heartbeat!

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