Wednesday, December 12, 2007

omg bullets

  • you have no idea how sore my back is. No. Idea
  • I am very excited that tonight is BFF Kissys Birthday. More for the fact I will get to see her than the fact it is her birthday
  • Hubs forgot to take out the trash this morning so I had to.
  • This is bad because of bullet number one
  • I will not shovel now again this year by the way.
  • either Mr. Eight year old can do it and get paid like he said he would OR it won't get done. Their choice
  • I have a little hand held massager. Last night I was sitting on teh couch with it pressed against the small of my back.
  • The dog is terrified of it.
  • I need to start spending less time online becuase sitting here is making my back hurt more.
  • Anyone know if those creams for sore backs actually work?

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Would a massager thing like that work for doggy discipline? ...probably not.

I'm sorry about the snow and your back. I do wish it would go away. The snow, not your back. But, I mean, the back could quit hurting.