Thursday, June 28, 2007

You know what I hate?


maybe hate is too strong of a word.

Maybe it is the wrong word entirely.

Maybe it should be You know who am supremely jealous of and desperately want to be like?


But I am not admitting it on here!

I hate people who always know what to make for supper. I hate those of you who think to take out something so it is defrosted in time, and I especially hate those of you who can think up a great meal in under a minute!

*sticks out tongue*

Oh and also? Anyone want to shoot me a line right now with an idea for supper?


I promise to love you forever and ever and call you bob!

The Lottery

I am about to check the numbers on my lottery ticket. You could be watching history!

My numbers are : 04 , 10 , 15 , 31 , 33 , 44

Hmm they seem pretty lucky...right?

Well lets go see!

well then.

You know what the problem was?

Not enough of you had your fingers crossed!



The official count down to the two most importan aspects of summer have started.

first of course, we have my birthday.

  • July second.
  • Write that down.
  • Google online birthday cards.
  • Send me one.


The second, would be the annual camping trip. I only wish we had the money to start camping the day after school lets out until the day before we go back. I was very spoiled by my parents becuase that is what we did as kids. With my sister old enough to baby sit my brother and I, my parents would commute to work from t he campsite and return each night.

It was awesome.

So far we plan on being gone from the 27th of July until the 29th. I know, it isnt a long time at all. But it is a start dammit!

And then, more importantly, my mother in law has said she will take my kids for a "long" weekend so just me and the husband can go camping.

I cannot wait!

This is News?

81%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I stole this from Sheila. I could not resist! I thought for sure my percentage would be higher!

You should also know that my son gave me his cold and my throat is sore and my nose is burning and this is NOT how i wanted to spend te first day of summer vacation! This better pass fast, Ive been taking vitamin C like its water in hopes that it will help....will it?
Im heading off to chug more buckleys! ttyl!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007





Let the celebration begin!

actually, we started it without y'all, we spent the afternoon at the spray park and are now working our way through Popsicles and R*ing pops!

(lol, thanks to Blogarita for pointing out my typo! usually my spell checked gets them, but apparently "ting" is a word??)

It is also Stupermans actual birthday so we are having cake..again

Feel free to drop in!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Two More days!

Does it make me weird that I look forward to the kids getting out of school?

I keep reading posts about how horrible it is going to be and how much the moms are dreading it!

I cannot wait. I always feel bad when we are doing something fun - splashing in the pool, heading to the park, making ice cream Sundaes, and RM is off at school missing out.

He has two days left and all day long i have been singing two more days till holidays over and over, I simply cannot wait!

I'm sure there will be times i think oh i wish he was at school, but on the whole?


I know I promised

to stop bitching about the weather, but come on? Seriously?

After a weekend full of kids hyped on cake and sugar, I really REALLY needed a day with the kids outside.

Or a maid. becuase I find it very difficult to clean the house wen the kids are underfoot!

You know, had it been a warm rain i would have sent them out anyway, but this blasted cold wind mixed with the rain, it feels more like the onset of winter than the first week of summer!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dragon Balls

Have you seen the show Dragon Balls? Im more used to Dragon Ball Z.

The Husband has just acquired thirty DVD's of Dragon Balls.

He is still on the first of them, and already I am sick and tired of it!

For example, At the start of each episode, they take ten minutes to tell us what happened on the previous one. Wouldn't be so bad if the show was an hour long, But without commercials its only 22 minutes. Thats with the ten minute speil of what happened last time.

DO the math. 12 minutes of the actual show.

What is the point!


Today was Stuperman;s Birthday Party. He will not be three until Thursday, but weekends worke better for parties!

He got lots of great and cool things - he went to bed holding a skateboard and three pirate characters, and this was only After an argument about whether he was allowed to sleep in his new spider man chair!

My problem with the whole thing is the toy packaging. I understand toys being packaged in large boxes to prevent people from using the five finger discount on them, but why... WHY do they need to be taped and sewn and tied in with metal strips? What is the point?

It takes five hours to get into a toy package, and by that time, the party is over and the kidsare in bed!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Im going to make This

I sure am! I'm Suzi HomeMaker! Master of the Apron and stove! Lord over all measuring cups! Watch as I take Nothing and make it into Something!

Just as soon as one of you tells me how to know if the cream cheese is an eight ounce package or not. Does it say so in the box? Do I need a conversion chart before I go into the store? Halp!

For brownie batter
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
2 ounce unsweetened chocolate, chopped
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2/3 cup all-purpose flour

For cheesecake batter
8 ounces cream cheese, well softened
1/3 cup sugar
1 large egg yolk
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

preparationMake brownie batter:
Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Butter an 8-inch square baking pan.

Heat butter and chocolate in a 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderately low heat, whisking occasionally, just until melted. Remove from heat and whisk in sugar, eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt until well combined. Whisk in flour until just combined and spread in baking pan.

Make cheesecake batter and bake brownies:
Whisk together cheesecake batter ingredients in a small bowl until smooth. Dollop over brownie batter, then swirl in with a knife or spatula.

Bake until edges are slightly puffed and center is just set, about 35 minutes.

Serve warm or at room temperature.


Rainbow Man woke up seeming fine, I had checked on him during the night and his temperature had broke. He poured himself a glass of OJ, all happy and proud he was over his sickness.

And then he doubled over as his stomach started to hurt.

His temperature is back up and he is a very unhapp little boy.

I told him that when he is better we will go bowling as a family, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

On top of that my in-laws figure I am being very very mean to him by having him stay home. It would be horrible if he went, got more ill and then was stuck off in the city, My car is broke, i wouldn't be able to go get him.

No its best he stay home and get better..

Five *yawn* Am

I'm beginning to think Fridays rock.

The Husband wakes me up at five AM and I get to go back to bed!

Is there anything better than getting up, tired and sad, only to realize you get to have two more hours of sleep?

Oh wait. I guess a good nights sleep would be better, right?

Is it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Meh. I'm going back to bed!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad Timing 101

With the school year coming to a close, the kids are having field trips at a rate of too many too keep track of. The one Rainbow man has been looking forward to the most is a bus ride into the city to see the dinosaur exhibit at the University and then to a bowling alley for the afternoon.

This morning he woke up with an upset stomach and a very mild fever. I gave him children's Advil and told him he would have to stay home from school. He complained bitterly so I let him go. Bad decision on my part I know.

When he got home after school he had a high fever and complained of a stomach ache as well as his legs and arms hurting.

It's the flu.

Unless, by some miracle its a twenty four hour flu, he will be missing his feild trip. He is going to be SO upset when he realizes this.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cats and Bugs

Last night was hilarious. There were two large ugly flies in the house. With the cat.

I have never seen anything more amusing, she was better than TV!

speaking of TV, we say some show about inventing things, it was along the same lines as AI but with inventions not crappy singing.

Why on earth did they pick those stupid designs over the really awesome USEFUL ones?

Stupid people in charge, thats the problem.

I should be in charge. I'd like that. My first rule would be that cats can't dance. Think about it, you'll understand in time. Or be beheaded!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OMG mornings suck

no really. The husband type dude woke me up at least three times before he went to work. Did I get out of bed?

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Of course not.

However, the husband very nicely unlocked the door for me before he left so that when I heard a knock at the door, and walked out of my room putting on my house coat becuase I assumed the knock was coming from the outside portion of the door, I was surprised to see people in my kitchen....

what a wake up call!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I love that when kids are in school they make fathers and mothers day gifts. They have been some of my more treasured gifts of all time

Top place, of course, goes to the beaded necklace the boys made me for my birthday last year.

but i digress. For fathers Day, RM made dad a Frisbee, and a card but ont he card was a wrapped baggie filled with Hershey's Kisses.

The Husband left the Kisses out on the end table nad the Baby just saw them.

And he wants them.

Should I give them to him - or - wait until TH comes home and he can give them to him?

Ahh The Complicated life I lead LOL

Rain Rain Go Away

Sunday was filled with rain, heavy constant soaking rain.

and that sucked.

but I think.. hope. its done. The sky is still cloudy and gray, but the rain has stopped falling. After lunch I will heard the children outside for some MUCH needed running around!

I always thought, wouldn't it be nice if we could get nice beautiful sunny days every day but Wednesday? On Wednesday we can have a full 24 hours of rain.

That way we get six days of sun and one day of rain. everyone, even the farmers would be happy.

uhm.. any ideas how we can implement this plan?

Friday, June 15, 2007

What I learned today :

Today, on the first day of my quitting smoking, I learned that six hours after you apply the patch, when you decide that it is time to think about getting out of your pajamas and into real clothing, be very careful dragging your bra strap up your sleeve. It will catch on the patch.

This doesn't seem bad until you realize the glue on the patch is industrial strength type glue and will remove skin if just ripped off.

No need to thank me, I'm here to help!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today the UPS man dropped off a package. They did not knock or ring the bell, they just slipped it in between the storm door and the screen door.

How will I ever know if they really wear those ugly brown uniforms like on TV?

This is just horrible.

Not that I did not get to see him or her, but that I am so concerned about their outfit. I even went so far as to interrogate the children on whether they had seen anything!


Oh How Sick

In 1993, the country of Zambia received six very rare white rhinos from South Africa. As of last week, only one rhino, a male, is alive, and he is badly wounded.

It seems that some retard poacher shot and killed one of the last two white rhinos.

The Rhino's were in a heavily-guarded zoological park near Victoria Falls in Zambia's tourist resort town of Livingstone, when the shooting took place last week.

I'm not sure how many White rhinos are still in South Africa, or other parts of the world for that matter, but when an animal is endangered, to have it killed, its rather heartbreaking. It;s one thing to stop spiders to existence, but other animals?



Puppies All Around

It seems as though we decide to get a puppy and everyone else does - before us!

We want to wait until next spring, becuase this summer we dont have the proper amount of time to devote to a pup.

And then My Friend Coffee Mom goes and rescues an adorable silkie cross from a shelter. and The family across the street brought home a black lab pup just last week.

I think its a conspiracy. All you dog owners are out to make me sad and jealous i dont have MY pup yet.

Well just you wait. Come spring...we can all go walking together



So we had hot dogs for lunch. We don't have them very often, but today I had no bread thawed, so wee little doggies it is!

I had seen, somewhere, this little hot dog cutter thing that made the hot dog into an octupuss. I wish I knew where so you could see the picture!

try googling hot dog octopus maybe.

anyway i figured, oh whatever, I don't need no fancy tool to make those, I could do that with my eyes shut.

turns out I can't

Riddle Me This, BatMan!

We kind of sort of successfully completed stage one painting. Our bed, which has a headboard - (detached, it depends on the bed pushing it against the wall to hold it up) (and it has padding on the back so as not to mark the walls up) Anyway, our bed, which has a headboard, is laying in the sewing room right now.

Since the wall that we painted is going to be the wall the headboard rests against, I say It should stay in the sewing room for a month or so before we chance pushing it onto the new paint.

Sure at first It would be fine, but I think that after a day or so, the paint would start to either indent on the wall or stick to the headboard or Something!

I mean, we aren't even going to start stage two painting till mid july/early august anyway. We might as well leave it out until we are done, right?

But the husband, who granted, has been occasionally right on other things, said we should leave it off a week or so then push the bed back into it's regular spot.

So. Anyone know how long it takes for one coat of primer, half a coat of paint, half a coat of primer and four coats of paint to dry? there was a day in between each coat put on. And the half coats were becuase we royally screwed up but stopped halfway down the wall.

It is a really dark color ( but it looks good)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Wait. Is that how you spell limbo?

Oh well.

The other night we were at the in-laws and one of the boys found a long peice of foam. or something. That white soft plasticy stuff you use to wrap breakables?

That stuff.

The had me old up one end and their Nana hold the other while they limbo'd underneath. After a while, and a lot of pressure from the Fam, I was persuaded to try limboing myself.

I did myself proud internets.

Ok. So maybe the fact I am better then the two year old at limbo isn't the greatest, but I take it where I can , ya know?!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Looking for Ideas

Please, I'm begging! With seven days to go, me and the kidsa re lost at what to do to make Fathers Day this year, a great one.

The kids can color pictures with the best of them, and rainbow Man is making some top secret project at school, But what can I do to make the day special?

Breakfast in bed? No thanks, I don't need cheerios in my sheets!

A nice meal out? Works great for mothers day, but just not his thing.

I'm at a loss. Please send help!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Coffee My Love

Does anyone have any recommendations for flavored coffee beans for me to try?

I love the vanilla type lines, as well as nut flavored coffees.

What else can you suggest for me?

I am game to try them all!

Plus. I have a coffee grinder that is feeling a little sad and unused lately.

Pee ess: Did you say "Awww" When you saw the photo? They were just laying there watching TV.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eww Bugs!

I leave my house for less than an hour , only to come home and find it overrun with bugs.

Know any good exterminators?
The mosquitoes in Saskatchewan are outrageously huge this year.
But on the upside, the caterpillars are extremely cute. I'm gonna get a goooood nap while he cocoons into a butterfly :o)

The photo is blurry because the gigantic mosquito decided to take on the "I'm a radioactive spider who bit spider man, see mommy! Its on my back."

I hope they never grow all the way up.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who needs Twins?

I have a confession.

I often go to great lengths to dress my children the same. Most of the time, due to the difference in their sizes, it is just a matching shirt. It is really hard to find clothes that match in the infant and children's section. Stuperman is still quite tiny and fits a lot of 24 month clothing, but not size two.


An Ode to Paint

Recently I blogged about painting my bedroom.

Here, I explain how that is going:

Oh walls of white,
mock me not
Don't lie!
you want the paint!

Oh brush so fuzzy
I thought you loved me.
Why won't you do your job?
Paint : on wall

Oh screwed up paint job
can you be fixed?
no longer do I care
how nice you look

just please.
come out one color

Here is a photo of step one. The step that went well. this is the wall with the tinted primer on. And although we took photos of the screwed up mess step two turned out to be, I won;t be posting them LOL

Monday, June 04, 2007

Five Stars for Me!

Remember this?

I finally decided that my sunscreen MUST be expired, why else does the poor baby keep getting burned when I am sending him out with suntan lotion so thick its still white on him PLUS a big hat, plus making him stay in the shade? So I went shopping. Take THAT sun!
(I wrote the date so that next year I know how old it is.)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Toddler Speak

I am constantly amused with my two year old. The way he waddles walks, the way he talks, the careful way he does things only to still mess it up.

Since he will be three years old in a month less a day (OMG THREE? where was I??) I thought it might be prudent to jot a few things down for memory's sake. And online seems to be a perfect place to start!

Weird pronunciations:

Scruberdriber - screwdriver
Shamy Showns - Jamie Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Owan Jupes - Orange Juice
Get sies - Spagettii

Isn't it funny how you can think of something and then your mind blanks out when you go to write it down? Same thing happened to me today when I went to write out a shopping list!


If I remember any more weirdness, I will update accordingly!

Flamoflage - Camouflage