Sunday, July 17, 2011

Men *eyeroll*

So we were on the way home from the lake tonight, when Micah said "Oh! I should play rockband when we get home"

Since he plays the DRUMS not the wii guitar, I rolled my eyes and said it's nearly midnight. He laughed and agreed, and is now sitting and reading a book, eating jelly belly jelly beans by the hand ful.

(Try jelly belly jelly beans, if you haven't)

I think Micah should take on some of those rock band competitions. If they had one just for drumming, I betcha he would win it, the man is DYNAMITE on drums, I am amazed at how well he plays even when I am simultaneously annoyed at the noise he makes!

The Lake

Micah, the boys, and I went to the lake with BFF Kissy this afternoon/evening, and it was a blast! I am kind of horrified that this lake has been under an hour from us the whole time we have lived here, and neither Micah nor myself have ever been to it!

Sitting on the Adirondack chairs, icing my finger which I burnt trying to play in the fire pit, the dragon flies swooping and eating bugs, the kids laughing and playing in the dirt, it was just the best evening we have had in a long long while.

I'm not positive that Micah and I will take the boys there to camp , though, as it is a boat-centric lake, not so much swimming, and kids do need to be entertained, but Micah and I will be going out there as a couple, with BFF kissy in August, a just adults weekend, and holy sweet jebus am I looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Must redecorate!

I started out this morning moving just the end tables to the kitchen so I could vaccumm up the dog hair, all the dog hair. I ended up moving the couches out taking the computer desk downstairs, bringing up shelving, a complete redecoration. All because I wanted to get rid of the dog hair!

And it feels good, cleaner, more open, right now. Sure, I might want the computer desk back another day, but for right now, I'm happy with it sitting on the coffee table when not in use. But oh! Did i ever sweat! its probably close to 30, and very humid in here because we have no working furnace at the moment, so Forget diet pills that work, I sweated off last nights pizza dinner moving furniture!

Now though, I want to redecorate this blog. How freaking old is that picture in the header? Logan is seven now, he was a baby with a sippy cup in that picture!

I've forgotten everything involved in template codes, so unless I can figure it out, I will have to have a plain jane template. I'm gonna look for some tutorials online though, first, before I go the plain jane route, and hopefully the next time you stop by, there will be a more updated photo of the bratlings up!

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Well, its the wee hours of Sunday morning. Hubby goes back to work for Monday. it seems like his vacation hasn't even started - we spent most of it at his moms house, as his sisters had come down to visit.

Every morning I cleaned the house so that if Hubs wanted to be Inviting Company over, the place would look decent, but my efforts were in vain - we have no AC so no one wanted to come to our oven of a home LOL

We even only had ONE campfire, because none of his sisters wanted to sit outside and watch the fire with us, and that really made me sad as I was looking very much forward to sitting my the fire :(

Ah well. we still have plans to head to the Exhibition in August, so there is that, at least, to look forward to.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lah Di Dah!

Today I went to a fancy shmancy tea party. We all dressed to the nines, and four of the attendees even wore great big hats, like the brits wore to the royal wedding! It was pretty freaking awesome.

Technically, the tea was a birthday tea for my Sister in Law who recently turned 50. She was down from mexico, and my other sister in law was down from texas, so it was really just a reason for all of us to get together, and act silly.

It was a girls only tea, minus Issac, who doesn't really count because he isn't even two yet, so we were free to giggle about babies (My niece is pregnant) and sexy wedding lingerie - Two of my sister in laws are attending two different weddings this weekend, so that was a hotish topic LOL.

I one hundred and fifty percent was convinced I would have the crappiest time EVER. Who throws a tea party? Seriously? We had wee sandwiches, with no crust, fancy desserts, like you wouldn't believe, bone china cups, and six or eight different teas! But, as much as I thought I would hate it, i loved it, it was a BLAST!