Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Must redecorate!

I started out this morning moving just the end tables to the kitchen so I could vaccumm up the dog hair, all the dog hair. I ended up moving the couches out taking the computer desk downstairs, bringing up shelving, a complete redecoration. All because I wanted to get rid of the dog hair!

And it feels good, cleaner, more open, right now. Sure, I might want the computer desk back another day, but for right now, I'm happy with it sitting on the coffee table when not in use. But oh! Did i ever sweat! its probably close to 30, and very humid in here because we have no working furnace at the moment, so Forget diet pills that work, I sweated off last nights pizza dinner moving furniture!

Now though, I want to redecorate this blog. How freaking old is that picture in the header? Logan is seven now, he was a baby with a sippy cup in that picture!

I've forgotten everything involved in template codes, so unless I can figure it out, I will have to have a plain jane template. I'm gonna look for some tutorials online though, first, before I go the plain jane route, and hopefully the next time you stop by, there will be a more updated photo of the bratlings up!


Not a Granny said...

Love the new look!!

Bluepaintred said...

thanks! I love that i can change that big picture up there any time I want!