Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Lake

Micah, the boys, and I went to the lake with BFF Kissy this afternoon/evening, and it was a blast! I am kind of horrified that this lake has been under an hour from us the whole time we have lived here, and neither Micah nor myself have ever been to it!

Sitting on the Adirondack chairs, icing my finger which I burnt trying to play in the fire pit, the dragon flies swooping and eating bugs, the kids laughing and playing in the dirt, it was just the best evening we have had in a long long while.

I'm not positive that Micah and I will take the boys there to camp , though, as it is a boat-centric lake, not so much swimming, and kids do need to be entertained, but Micah and I will be going out there as a couple, with BFF kissy in August, a just adults weekend, and holy sweet jebus am I looking forward to it.

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