Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canned air and other nonsense

Now in bullet form!

  • I need a can of canned air
  • because my keys at random keep sticking.
  • well mostly the "y" key.
  • I am hoping it is just some sort of crud under it.
  • I fed the kids Jello for lunch.
  • The box said Strawberry Banana.
  • That's healthy, right?
  • S'ok. They weren't full so they also had some grapes and an apple each.
  • That last sentence had eight typos.
  • Eye arr ah grate tieper.
  • I just made bullet list a category all of it's own.
  • We need to buy some puppy food, a leash and a collar.
  • We have a crate, food dishes and the love already.
  • The crate will only fit her for a few months.
  • Crates are darn expensive!
  • I think we have settled of Sadie as a name.
  • Kind of depends on her though.
  • She may not be a Sadie when we meet her.
  • I wish I had a picture of her to drool over.
  • We are going to let the boys each pick out a to for Little Miss Pup on Saturday.
  • They think she will be here at the end of October.
  • She will be here at the end of the week.
  • I will be taking pictures AND taping their first meeting.
  • If i remember.
  • It will be my first time meeting her too and I might forget in an overwhelming jumble of belly rubs and puppy licks.
  • Stuperman just fell off the couch. BRB.
  • He is OK. Don't worry. There is a lot of padding on his bum.
  • I think I should buy a Dog Crate with the 180.00 I transfered from paypal instead of an iPod Nano.
  • But Blue boy is way excited to be getting m iPod shuffle when I get my Nano.
  • We have Home owners insurance, Rainbow Man's Birthday, Halloween, and the puppy all in one month.
  • Harsh.
  • Pup needs three shots, the first two are 65 dollars the last is 75.
  • I think vaccinations for kids and pets are important.
  • We have enough saved in the puppy jar for the first two shots.
  • The third, due in December (ACK) might be put off til January.
  • If the vet says it's OK.
  • In February, Little Miss Pup gets Spayed. Or. Neutered. Which ever girls get done.
  • I can't have her have pups.
  • I would not be able to let the pups go.
  • I am pretty sure I could keep making bullet point after bullet point after bullet point
  • After bullet point
  • For the next three hours.
  • But this is already really really long.
  • OH! Tim McGraw's Don't take the girl Just came on my iPod.
  • I love that song.
  • ....After bullet point....really long....hit publish before...
  • I need to send the kids outside...
  • Srsly. Must end this. Everyone has fallen asleep.
  • The End

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Intentions

A few months back - yea, I said months, the kids broke the baby's bed by jumping on it.

We shored it up with a toy the same hight as the bed, bunk beds and has a slatted bottom). We had planned on buying our five year old a new bed (he has the top half of a set of bunk beds- they were seperatable) and putting his bed int he babies room.

Unfortunately life interferes with the best of plans, and beds are darn expensive. I think our best solution, until we can save up for a new bed is to get a piece of plywood cut to size, remove the slats on the babies bed, and put that in instead.

Think my dad will do it for me? Will our dad?


Don't think I whine lot, I just. . .Whine a lot.

When I went to bed last night other than m cold, I was fine, but this morning I woke up and my back was on fire. And that sucks!.

I wish my husband was into massages, becuase I am positive a good rub down would make everything feel better.

Wonder where the nearest 24 hour massage place is...

Not that kind of massage place, I srsly want a back rub.

Hey. You. Come rub my back



I think my life should be a reality show. There are so many cute things I do and say that I should be on tv 24/7.

No. I am not joking. It could be called Bluepaintred: as seen on tv and it would be an instant hit. Everyone with a tivo would tape it. or uhm tivo it. or something. Regardless in six months I would be bigger than Oprah. Not uhm. Size wise, but the other bigger.

And then?

Then you would all be asking for my autograph and collecting my trash to dig through.


Coffee Talk

tomorrow night ( Sunday) I will be going for coffee with BFF Kissy. Our coffee trips are about more than just drinking coffee, scratching lotto tickets and talki---

Ok wait. WTH is with all the commercials about games on TV? Have they any idea how annoying it is to be having a conversation with your spouse or child only to see them go slack jawed and wide eyed at the TV at the slightest hint a game is in existence??

I love to read books. I seem to always have one or two or three on the go, but know what? If i need to i can toss it down in a n instant and deal with whatever has to be dealt with. Games? Oh hell no!

"But. But.But. I need a saaaave point" they will whine.

Gah! I'm seriously ticked off at games. Can you tell?

The Cold From Hell

I was really tempted to write a post for Bluepaintred last night that was only one word:


But then my bed called me and I succumbed to its wonderful wonderfulness. I have heard that a cold must go through changes in order to run it's course. The only thing that has kept me sane through this - becuase I am a big baby when it comes to being ill - has bee that the cold seems to be going through a stage each day.

One would think there cannot be many more stages to go through. Can there.

Sore throat - check
sore throat and plugged nose - check
plugged nose and coughing - check
runny nose, coughing, chest burning - check
runny nose coughing- check

As you can see, I am left with an extremely raw nose and a annoying cough. But. the worst does seem to be over.

Unless I am as unlucky as my husband - who gave me my cold, laughed at me, got over his and promptly caught mine.

I'm laughing NOW, but what happens when I catch his...again?

Friday, September 28, 2007


I wasn't expecting to know until tonight. But the phone rang just before noon.

The puppy, half Black Lab, Husky, German Shepard, and half Collie - is ours.

See, the other day my husband dropped the bombshell " I don't want a small dog" So my dreams of a wee Shih Tzu died right there. Its really important to me that we get a dog we can ALL love, and he is right, it will be hard on a tiny dog when the kids try to play with her.

I still plan, in eighteen or so ears when the kids are gone, to get myself a wee tiny pup, but honestly? I just want a puppy in my house, someone to love and watch grow into a dog. Someone who will go for walks with me and warm my feet at night.

As an adult our pup will reach between fifty and sixty pounds, so she will be nice to have around when the husband is out and I am home alone.

And did I mention that She will be here in a week to a week and a half?


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Phone rang

It did, just a few minutes ago.

But I will not know for sure until tomorrow night if it was good news.

I hate not knowing!

The husband has strict instructions to stop at a bookstore after work tomorrow Just.In.Case.


This Just In :

I won't know for sure, I am waiting on a phone call. Apparently there are nine little puppies begging for a home.

We may be getting a puppy sooner than we thought.

Honestly it will depend on the size it will be full grown.

I wish the phone would ring.

*looks at phone*

Ring damn you!

Rest assured dear intewebs, I will run to the computer post hast after the ohone has rung to tell you either way.

*looks at phone again*



So. I want a puppy. I worked on my husband for almost two ears to get him to say yes. Finally he said yes and at the same time told me about a guy at work who breeds his dogs once a year for pups.

Great. We were looking at a May or June puppy. About 400.00

Then my brother told me he would breed his dog and I could have a free puppy! Even better! So we were looking at a January or February puppy.

Then last night m MiL told me all about a set of nine pups on a ranch in Manitoba and I could have one in four weeks should I want.

after talking it over with the husband we decided why not, and i also learned that he was leery about getting a Shih Tzu becuase he doesn't like small dogs ( this is news to me) we decided to go for the mutt in Manitoba.

YAY - a puppy in an month! Free!

This morning, just to make my life difficult, my mother in law called and said that the puppy in Manitoba will grow really big. How many different ways can I tell them I want a small to medium sized dog- and so now we wont be getting the puppy there.

I'm so confused.

I don't want to get the shih tzu ( big lie, B really, really want her) and have my husband not like the dog becuase he doesn't like little dogs.

So now I am back where I started. Except I have my mother in law pressuring me on which dog to get.

The next time she calls I am going to tell her to STFU and let us get our dog on our time.

I just want to scream. But then again, that would hurt my throat.

A First

This morning I laid on the couch wrapped in m new super soft blanket we bought just for laing on the couch with. I heard the boys alarm clock go off and sighed.

M throat is on fire and I don't wanna talk.

Then I heard the baby trying to open his door and I wanted to cry. My plan was to go back to bed after sending the kids to school.

Rainbow man made everyone breakfast, while I continued hiding in my new super soft blankie. Then he got himself and his brother dressed.

I dragged myself off the couch to make lunch for them and watched them pack their back packs.

ten minutes after the boys walked out the door I saw Rainbow Man's spelling homework - the homework he slaved over last night to get it perfect - on the floor. He must have pulled it out when he looked for his mittens and forgotten to put it back in.

This sucks.

This is his fourth year of school and we have never forgotten to return homework before - library books yes - but homework is always packed.

I hope he doesn't get in trouble.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Should I?

My in-laws don't know about Paint!.

They don't know about Bluepaintred, Where was I, The adventures of Rainbow Man , or Bluepaintred Pictures either.

I never told them about BPR when I first started blogging becuase I know they would have seen it as a big waste of time. Hell they think reading books is a waste of time!

As time went on, I held the secret of Bluepaintred close to me and reveled in the freedom I had to write anything I wanted, Even if it was about them. After all. They would never see it, would they?

I felt completely comfortable talking about marital relations with my husband and swearing whenever I wanted too. BPR was my baby. My confidant, my love.

From Bluepaintred came the photo blog. I wanted to save time for people with dial-up. This way visitors could choose to see the photos but would not have to wait for a page to load if the did not want too.

Then came Paint!

Tonight when I was over at the in-laws, they started bitching about money spent on this or that and how we needed to tighten our belts becuase in six or less months we will be losing a large portion of our income.

And just for a second I considered telling her that I make more on paid advertising than I do with the daycare every month, that right now all the advertisement money is fun money but we will be able to use it as bill money when we lose Hannah.

I need to come to a decision. I can tell her about the wonderful interwebs and the money I make there and she will leave us alone when it comes to money.

But. Then she will know about the blogs. And I will feel censored. And that is Not the purpose for my blogs. They are here for me to talk to - y'all are good company too -

So. Shut her up and lose my privacy, or deal with her mouth and keep my blogs MY blogs.

Its a hard choice.

Cash Advance Loans

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You know you would be fine, if only you could catch up!

What about late night phone calls telling you a loved one has passed on and you are too broke to make it to the funeral. Or your car has broken down and you need a car to get to work. Has that ever happened to you?

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Dinner With The In-Laws - Part two

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Dinner was great - a traditional turkey meal - and I am always game for a meal I don't have to cook!

They spent a fair bit of time bitching about Husbands new iPod, and the fact we spent money on the new automated litter box - Father in law believes that cats are perfect - mounted one on wither side of the fire place.

And he isn't joking when he says it. They really believe we should just conk her on the head and toss her in the trash.


When will they understand that Tigger is not just a cat, she is family.

[sarcasm] Wonderful news [/sarcasm]

I just got off the phone with my mother in law. apparently My sister in law - whom the in laws took off in a fit to visit becuase they were mad at me - is sick.

So the are home. In addition, My mother in law managed to catch my sister in laws sinus cold AND wants us to come to dinner tonight!


The last thing I want to do tonight is spend the evening rehashing our decision to take away the kids bikes. It's a moot point anyway as it is now too cold to drive them.

Add to that, chances are very high I will catch her sinus cold on top of the regular everyday cold I have now.

If I succumb to Death by Cold,, I swear I will haunt her and I will NOT be a nice ghost.

My friend the bullet

  • My gums are about 85% healed and I can finally eat solid foods again!

  • YAY

  • Oh wait. My throat is too raw and sore for anything but liquids.

  • SIGH

  • On the bright side, Coffee with BFF kissy is slated for Friday Or a Sunday, so I can drag the hubby with me!

  • I have a big patch of dry skin on my ankle all of a sudden. WTF is with that?

I'm gonna go make some more tea. TTyL

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What next!

For about a year we have been fighting with both our phone and our internet. It got to the point that my granny stopped calling me becuase my phone was so bad. I lost a bunch of good opps on different sites becuase My internet would suddenly and with no warning crash completely.

To be honest, we don't use the phone that much so I was not too concerned about getting it fixed, but the inter net? I lurves the internet! I need it! So I asked my husband to look at it.

He was thinking our wireless router was bad. We had bough it on sale and you do get what you pay for. He sat at the table reading the manual that came with the router and guess what he saw?

  • Tip for 2.4GHz Cordless Phone Users
    Worried about interference between your 2.4GHz phone and a wireless network? While the two share the same frequency band, there is lots of space for the two system to work together without interfering with each other. For 802.11 series wireless networking products, most experts suggest using wireless channel 11. (All D-Link 802.11b Wireless devices default to channel 6). This frequency is often outside the frequency band of most 2.4GHz phones. Also, in the 802.11b (2.4GHz) standard there are 11 channels to choose from, all but three of those channels are overlapping channels. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the only non-overlapping channels.
  • (Obviously this is pasted off the net, but its the same in the book.)

    Anyway. Problem solved!


    I just put 154 songs on my iPod. The husband had spent several hours the night before last transferring every song on every CD we own into our iTunes library. I had NO idea we had that many CD's!

    My little iPod shuffle will hold about 240 songs, so I have a lot of room left on it, and yet, tomorrow I will be transferring 200 dollars from my PayPal account into my bank account so that I can buy one of the new iPod Nano's.

    I don't care that it has video. I don't care it has an address book, nor that they hold 1000 songs. I don't care that I can make play lists nor that I can see the titles of the songs as I shuffle through them.

    The one and ONLY reason, and I am dead serious, that I am willing to pay 154 CAD plus tax on a new iPod Shuffle is so that I can go to the iTunes store and download this:

    'Cus. OMGTETRIS!!1!


    OK. First let me set the scene.

    I am a lazy , lazy person. It takes me quite a while to actually WAKE up in the morning.

    So Here I am, Sponge Bob Square Pants pajama pants and a over sized sweatshirt, hair not done. And with short hair, It looks nasty not done, btw.

    The door bell rings. I answer it.

    A clean cut boy, looks about fifteen, but has to be older. He is from B.C. and is selling magazines of all things.

    It took him five minutes to stop talking about how cold it is here in Saskatchewan to get to the part where he tells me why he is there so I can say no and send him on his way. Of course, young and clean cut or not, I had him stand on the porch while I held open the door to talk to him.

    Tigger cat came to investigate and I picked her up not wanting her to run out the door and be lost forever. And yes, she would be lost forever, my hair isn't done, and I am not dressed, no way I am running out to grab her!!

    Anyway. He made his sales pitch about ten feet away from me while backing down the stairs becuase my sweet little Tigger cat was freaking out. Tigger is a chicken. She likes to sleep and hide under the couch. I often hold her in my arms to keep her from running off while the door is open. But Tigger must not like sales people.

    Before I got a chance to say NO to the magazines he, glancing at the hissing, barely restrained cat in my arms, said - must be a bad time - and RAN down the driveway.


    OMG it was way too funny. I will have the cat answer the door from now on!

    Pee ess: Here is my hand after trying to hold her while I talked to the guy.

    I could only take picture of the one hand seeing as I needed the other one to push the button, but the other one is worse.

    Still, I think I need to look into one of those Beware Of Cat signs to scare off the sales men!

    post 451

    Wow. Four hundred and fifty one posts! My dad was right! I Don't Know when to shut up!

    I remember one time the whole family was at the curling rink and my dad said he would give me money to be quiet for "x" amount of minutes. I also remember saying "Dad! Only one more minute! I only have to not talk"

    I have tried the I'll give ya a dollar to be quiet routine with my oldest son, but he never gets the dollar. I actually think he is physically incapable of being quiet. Srsly.

    I had blueberry waffles for breakfast this morning.

    Whats that? Yea you read that right. I chewed waffles. Cus I can eat solid foods again! AND remember, no more dentists till January!! YaY!!

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    ACK! Alive! It's Alive!

    So finally that lazy husband of mine got home from work, I mean srsly. Who does he think he is to get up at six and head off to weld for eight or nine hours leaving me home alone to deal with problems like this?

    If you read this and this, you will know what I am talking about.

    Ok. So the Mr.I have a job I can't be here every time there is a bug you need squashed came home from work and I told him that it was his DUTY to check and see if it was alive.

    IT WAS!

    So he did what any manly man would do. He hit the chain with a pen and watched the spider fall down down down onto the table where he sprayed it with raid to watch it spasm on its back.

    Hint. The spider is under the lid.

    This. obviously. Is the spider.

    This, is the only way I like spiders. Dead. And you know what? Even then, I'm not very fond of them.

    This is me relaxing with a smoke. Its damn stressful keeping one eye on a fan all freaking day long just in case the spider makes a getaway and hides in my bed!

    And so, the saga of the Scary Spider in the Fan has ended. Once again the prince has slain the dragon and the princess shall reward her knight with a kiss.


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    Hmmm. Maybe I should start an online business. I wonder what I could sell...

    Spider Update

    Earlier this morning I wrote about a spider that had decided my kitchen ceiling fan would make him a nice winter home.

    I do not recall putting out any for rent signs this fall, nor Do I recall him paying a deposit on his new room.

    So I want him gone.

    But should a woman alone be expected to deal with unsavory characters? I think it is perfectly understandable that I am leery of confronting this beast.

    Becuase the children's safety is important, I decided to tackle this problem without a man present.

    How brave am I?

    Not very, as it turns out. I sprayed him with the hair spray, but he is still holed up in the hole. (lol) I'm not sure if he ended up glued inside it from the hairspray or if he is just smarter than I am.

    I hope I killed him and his dead little bod is rotting in there. Despite the fact that he is directly over the dinner table and the way my luck runs he will fall into MY food.

    What do you think? Is he Dead or Alive?

    click to zoom

    Notice anything different?

    A year and a half ago I took a photo of my boys, fell in love with it and wanted the world to see it. Unfortunately I was unable to make it into a banner for my blog.

    Sheila to the rescue!!

    Like the countless others she has saved, Sheila came into my blog, made a banner and changed countless codes around.

    And the best part? She did it cus she loves me. I did not have to pa a dime.

    Interesting, Sheila did this for me for free and it was done immediately, while the template I am waiting on for Where Was I, the one I paid 45 dollars for, was ordered in JULY.


    Well Crap

    With fall here we can look forward to cool crisp air, and beautiful foliage. Unfortunately, fall also brings on the spiders. The little freaks are desperate to outlive the winter months and move indoors.

    Have I mentioned that I am arachnophobia yet? There was an instance when I was seven - almost eight months pregnant when I climbed onto the top of a couch and up the side of some stair rails, all for a few millimeter long bug.

    My sons are very aware of my fear of spiders.

    "Mom. don't look up, just back way and I will get my hat" said my seven year old of his hat on the table.

    Of course I DID look up. I DID scream, and the spider retreated to his hide hole. Now I have to wait him out.

    He is tucked away in the ball part at the end of the chain. Little bugger.

    When he emerges I will spray him with hairspray, which is the most effective spider stopper ever. It sticks their legs together making them sluggish enough that an badly co-ordinated three year old can kill them for their momma!

    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    What I want

    In bullet form. Because I think weekends are the ideal time for bullets.

    • I want a Jersey Milk Chocolate bar.
    • I want a vacation. Preferably one that involves a cruise chip and clear blue green water.
    • I want to swim with the dolphins and watch sharks from the safety of a cage.
    • I want to be done with all my dentistry stuff. Although I am happy to be done until January.
    • I want someone to come and finish the last wall of Burgundy dots. You have to piant them three times. Thats annoying.
    • I want my puppy NOW, not six months from now.
    • I really REALLY want my puppy.
    • I want Arizona luxury real estate for when I retire. I want to sit beside a pool and watch the clouds drift by.
    • I want to own every Dean R Koontz Book that exists.
    • I want my hair to be magically perfect every morning when I wake up.

    However. Should I never have even one of those things on my list, here is a list of what I DO have.

    • I have a beautiful home.
    • I have the love of a good man.
    • I have three beautiful children who love me as I love them.
    • I have a fuzzy wuzzy kitteh too keep my feet warm at night
    • I have a chilled KitKat Chocolate Bar in my Fridge, Just.Waiting.
    And that my friends is good enough for me!

    Cat Toys And Boys

    We recently bought our kitty one of those cat toys. Where its a wand and an elastic string with odds and ends off the other end? You know, those kind! Oh! Here's a picture. Kinda.

    Anyway. See. We bought Tigger this toy. Unfortunately the kids keep trying to play with it, with the cat. But they do not have a delicate touch they get all up in her face and she gets scared - she is a nervous cat at heart- and runs off.

    I have tried explaining to the boys how they have to be gentle and I have taken them hand in hand to show them how to dangle the string thing. They just don't get it.

    Last night after the boys were safely in bed, My husband had me in tears watching him, the cat and the String Thing playing.

    A first

    This morning I woke up to one tear streaked face and two rather guilty looking faces. The baby's puppy - which is really a lion but depending on his mood is either puppy or kitty - had no more tail.

    Blue boy had the tail, Rainbow Man had the body. The baby was horrified.

    This was a first for me, I had never been faced with a broken "attachment toy"

    It was an easy fix, couple of minutes with a needle and thread, but the baby was so cute, asking if puppy needed a BamAid or some cream (ploysporin)

    When puppy/lion/kitty was fixed, Stuperman gently took him and put him on his pillow, covered him up and kissed him good night.

    It was SO cute.

    I would love to read about your experiences! Please write in the comments or as a blog post, about your experiences with mending animals. if you write it in a post please be sure to leave me a URL!

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Contest Fun!

    My Baby Blog, Where was I is having it's very first contest. The contests will be a monthly happening and open to everyone. Hope over here and write a short entry about the contest, leave your URL in the comments of this post and you are entered. Pretty simple, eh?

    This next contest is a bit harder to enter, But the prize is way better.

    My Main Man, Mr.Fab is having a contest for an OHMYGOD OhMiBod! thats the vibe that hooks up to an iPod, and if you aren't a vibrator girl, you can choose either an iPod Shuffle or a 75 dollar gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

    To enter Mr.Fab's Fabulous contest you have to go here. Set up an account. Or you know, multiple accounts, after all, hotmail and gmail are free, and go back here to vote for his blog in the BEST FUCKING HUMOR BLAWG EVER category!

    AFTER you have voted, leave a comment with your URL here.

    Dur, the URL is the post that YOU write about Mr.Fab's fabulous whoreosity!

    Pee ess: Enter both. Or else,

    A long long time ago...

    About seven years ago, my husband worked as a chef in a restaurant. Chef is just a nice word for cook. He worked the late hours, from four till close, and I would often take our infant son to coffee with me where my husband would meet us after work.

    One night, close to midnight, he walked in with a big ice cream pail full of ice. His hand was buried in it and he kept saying, S'OK, I'm fine, but he clearly wasn't.

    You see, while I don;t know a lot about skin, i DO know it should be on us rather than floating around in the rapidly melting ice.

    It seems that some one called for an order of Fingers (chicken fingers) and my husband took them literally, and stuck his hand up to the wrist in a deep fryer.*

    It took a while for me and the people with us at coffee to convince my husband he might want to go to the hospital and have his skinless hand looked at. Eventually, he agreed.

    Turns out he had second and third degree burns from wrist to fingertips. The ER techs spent a lot of time peeling off the dead and crispy skin and then covered his hand in cream, bandaged it and sent him home with pain pills and orders to return the next day to get more dead skin peeled off.

    If the dead skin stays on, you really increase your chance of infection.

    We had to go back and forth to the hospital for about two weeks as they peeled and picked at his hand, but it was like a Miracle burn - he was left with NO scarring what-so-ever! The doctor was amazed at how fast he had healed first of all, but he was more astounded at the lack of scaring as he had burned in places to the muscle.

    I'm very glad he healed with no problems, and it still makes me giggle to say deep fryer and watch him go pale.

    *Actually, that's just a joke he tells, what really happened is he had been cleaning the deep fryer with a metal pole thingy but had grabbed the wrong pole, it was shorter one, and when he pushed it in, his hand went in as well.

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Riddle me this

    I have had this template for a long long time. It was on my main blog, Bluepaintred, for a long time before I moved it here.

    I'm getting rather tired of it. But I don't want to spend money upgrading to a newer template, what with my grande plans for iPod world domination.

    What I would really like is to take a photo of the boys and make it into the front banner part. You know, where the title goes. After I figure out how to do that, I can change the colors myself as easy as pie.

    I have played around with Photoshop - on the downstairs computer - but I can't figure out how to make the photo the right size.

    This would be because I sucketh greatly.

    Any one have some photo shop tips to share?

    It Ain't Pretty - but it's true

    My husband just went and got the mail. His new ipod nano (first gen.) came in.

    I was very happy with my wee ipod shuffle. Until today. I assumed the only feature on iPod Nono that was worth anything would be the scroll through the song list thing.


    I desperately want an iPod Nano now.


    I had told my husband I would be saving the online money I made for a new lap top for him. But just now I told him I wanted a Nano first.

    He said "Well it's your money" So there you go.

    I'm getting a Nano. But first I have to save some money!

    Oh Wow

    When I was growing up in a small small town- i lie it wasn't a town, it was a village - I met a girl and we became fast friends.

    Me and Christy were horrified in grade six (seven?) when my parents decided to move hours and hours away.

    I had heard Christy lived in a certain city when I was a teen and poured through their phone books looking for her parents number so I could call.

    When I joined myspace the first person I searched for was her, Same with facebook.

    Imagine m surprise when I opened my email this morning to find a message from Christy. She found ME on face book.

    I can't wait until she checks her email!

    Gratuitus kitty shot!

    Lately I think the cat is getting sick of me with the camera in her face all day long. She will wake froma deep sleep at the sound of me turning it on.

    Of Course I have the shutter set to "MEOW" when it turns on, but still.

    She was sleeping on her side with her front paws on either cheek. I so badly wanted to shoot that!

    Unfortunatly, i turned on the camera and this is what I got :

    Such a Brat.

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Exciting news - for me!

    Today I had a dentist appointment. I had four teeth on the bottom filled. It was interesting to say the least.

    Apparently, my nerves are screwed up in my face and so when she tried to freeze the right side bottom, the left side bottom froze. Yea!

    So she froze the left side hoping that the right side would freeze. No go. The nerves ont eh right side bottom are MIA.

    This explains why they were unable to get it to freeze for the extractions two weeks ago.

    In any case, she re did the freezing every two and a half minutes so I felt hardly anything, and what I did feel, i just dealt with because i did not want to be late picking the boys up from school.

    The exciting news? I ran out of insurance $$ with todays appointment so I don;t have to go back until January!


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    My little Heart Attacks

    We live in a very small town. My in laws live on the same street as us. For the past year, we have allowed our children free range on our street.

    They are not allowed to leave it. they know this rule. They follow this rule. Always.

    Until today, when, for the first time, they decided to leave the street. And I had a heart attack.

    A three and a five year old boy. Alone, and neither of them thought to bring a map.

    After fifteen minutes of tears and fear (mine), we found them, six blocks from home.

    Their excuse?

    "We're going to the South Pole. To the place where Santa Lives"

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    How Rude - (Say it like Stephanie Tanner)

    So the day I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and WAITING for has come.

    Tonight is the season premiere of Deal OR No Deal.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that my biggest goal in life is to be on Deal OR No Deal. I would rahter go on DonD than hold the winning lotto ticket in my hand.

    No Joke.

    However. I hate. HATE. Donald Trump. I hate him with a passion. There is nothing about this man that I like. Srsly. HATE.

    Guess who is playing the role of banker tonight on Deal Or No Deal?

    Yup. You guessed right.

    The Trump himself.

    This sucks.


    We have tonnes of puzzles in our house.

    Many of them have lost pieces or chewed pieces thanks to the baby (When he was younger!!)

    I was messing around on the computer (Yahoo Games!! YAY CANASTA! Y'all should play with me!) When Blue boy asked me to bring down one of the puzzles. This was one they had gotten for Christmas and I knew all the pieces were there.

    In the past the kids had never been successful with putting together a puzzle unaided so imagine my surprise when Blue Boy called me over to take a pitchur of him and his Puzzle.

    Speaking of Winter

    Earlier in the year I was sweeping out the garage and i noticed one of the kids, most likely the baby had pushed a twig into the crack where the driveway and the garage floor meets. I pulled it out, thinking it only went down an inch or so. I was distressed to see he had over a foot of twig down the crack.

    I will be the first to admit I don;t know a lot about driveways and cement and home improvements, but I don;t think there should be a gap that deep. I'm worried that in the winter when the snow is here, water will seep down that crack and wash away the foundation under the driveway making it so we have to replace the whole thing.

    Our house is only six years old, so we want the driveway to last a bit longer!

    If I was in the UK, I would contact Anglian becuase they have over thirty six years of experience in the home improvement business. From home additions to driveway repair, they are the company to see!


    I am sitting in the garage right now having a smoke. I brought ht elap top out with the intention of surfing my boglines.

    But. The garage smells. Badly!

    Last night my husband BBQ'd some hamburgers for supper and they were awesome and the garage smelled awesome, but now? it reeks! I cannot really describe the smell, but trust me. you don;t want to be in here.

    When I first woke up this morning it smelled so I opened the garage door to air it out. One would think that a full six hours of having a big twenty by twenty ( or uhm whatever size the door is) door open would be sufficient to get rid of the smell.

    It's pretty chilly today, but the house is warm so I am wearing a pair of shorts. I shut the garage door thinking the smell was gone and i could at least be warm while i smoke but nooooooooo


    Speaking of Barbecuing, does anyone have a good recipe for barbecued ribs? Ive never made ribs in my life, but i really would love to cook some up before it gets too much colder and we have to put the BBQ away!

    And then this one time...

    The first thing I ever bought online was a set of blue balls for my dad. No really. They were big plastic blue testicles for my dads old beat up truck.

    I found them at a truck accessories site, and because I did not then, nor do I now, own a credit card i had to send in a money order and wait and wait and wait until finally, one day the phone rang.

    At first there was just angry screaming about how could i and what will the neighbours thing and blah blah, but that soon gave way to laughter. Its been two, maybey three years now, and he still has his big blue balls tied to the back of his truck.

    They even got stolen one time by a bunch of teens and my dad went up to their truck, cut them loose and put them back on his truck.

    (they've only been taken the once - and his name was on the back of them, he knew they were his before he took them back)

    Anyway. I thought you would enjoy learning what my first ever online purchase was~

    What was your's?
    Bagitos! I hate bagitos!

    Spyters eat bagitos!

    I hate Spyters!

    Ahhh the joys of a day at home with the boys! Bagitos by the way are mosquitoes, and If you cannot figure out spyters, there is something wrong with you!

    So far the kids have played spiderman which included them trying to climb up the walls. While their attempts to do so were unsuccessful n gaining them height,m they were successful in making mommy laugh!

    My elbow for some reason is really sore. I think i might have a bit of exema on the very end of it. I'm making an appointment with my doctor to discuss the fact my body parts fall asleep at the drop of a hat*, so I will ask him about my elbows then.

    No really. If i sit on my butt, it goes numb, if i lay in bed, from the heels of my feet to the back of my head, it all falls asleep, turn to the left? that side falls asleep, same if i go to the right. If i sit with my arm resting on the arm of the couch, my arm falls asleep and forget crossing my legs! Thirty seconds of that and both my legs are asleep to the hip! I'm getting sick and tired of being tired in the day becuase i cannot fall asleep because (oh the irony) my body parts are falling asleep!

    eBay Seller? Me??

    lately I have been mulling the thought of trying to sell on eBay as opposed to only buying on it. But there are fees and things. Looking at the fee chart it appears that a percentage of the final sale goes, as well as having to pay a small fee for listing an item.

    This is all good and well, I can see that the eBay fees itself will come out of the sale of whatever item, but what about shipping?

    How do I know what to charge for shipping? Is there some sort of online thing that will say from here to there and there to here costs this amount?

    I have a huge apple box full of old records. I don't even know if the work, how would you tell? My dad gave them to me a long time ago and asked me to sell them for him. At the time I took the box and said I would look into it, and haven;t done anything since.

    Any help, ANY, is appriciated!

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Yet another update on how dismally slow the painting is going

    First the good news. I finished the top of the blanket. I need to wait now till I can get to a fabric store *note to self check eBay* and pick up some material for the back, binding and the border.

    But whatever. I finished the top! That was the time consuming annoyingly slow part! YAY ME!!!

    Way back when, we bought five paint trays. One each for white, pink, dark pink, green, and dark green.

    We completely forgot we needed a sixth try for the burgundy. Figuring it would be cheaper easier to just paint all the colors but burgundy and then wash out a tray, we did just that.

    This afternoon i emptied all the trays of paint into their respective cans, I got paint on my favorite pants by the way, I also mushed my hands in as many colors as I could before I had to get to work with the washing of a tray.

    Playing in paint is fun right up to the point you notice your husband looking at you like you are a retard.

    Anyway. After the kids went to bed I started taping and painting te burgundy circles. I figured I would have all the painting done tonight and by the weekend, when we went shopping, the room would be ready for showing.

    Yea Right.

    I estimate it will take at least four coats per circle. Each circle must be taped down, painted and left to dry for six hours each time.

    LE SIGH.

    It's not gonna be done for next weekend . Sorry.

    Post about Poop! Look Away!

    My three ear old is completely potty trained. During the day that is. At night its a whole different story.

    It's not as though he cannot open his bedroom door, and its not as if he does not know when he has to go.

    Yet each morning he is soaked clear through. He wears a pull-up, which saves on sheets, but not on money. Even worse, some morning he has a something more solid in his pants.

    How can I convince him that even if it is night time he is allowed to open his door and go potty? You see. My kids are super good, and since the time they were babies they went to bed and stayed in bed.

    The older two understood that potty trips were AOK, but the baby? he just doesn't get it.

    I'm tired of buying pull ups, and i am tired of changing diapers.

    Help me help him stay dry through the night...

    ....maybe if i bribe him with a jelly donut?

    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    List of the day

    Because I love making lists, it would be fun to do a list of the day kind of thing. Unfortunalty, I have the attention span of a gnat, so that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

    However, Here is a list for today!

    Things I know Nothing about:

    1. The reproduction habits of the three toed sloth. I'm sure its some variation of insert peg B into slot A ...Is the sloth a mammal? Wait. Can I change my answer to I don't know ANYTHING about sloths. I know nothing at all - wait nope. I know they are slow! Uh. This isn't going so well

    2. I know nothing about the workings of the male mind. This is hardly surprising as I am female and as a rule neither females nor males know anything about men!

    3.Wilmington NC real estate Or any real Estate for that matter. Well I know a bit about MY house. but other than that? Go ask your dad!

    4. I know nothing about the workings of a car. I cannot put gas in it, change the oil, check the oil..and uhm... all the other stuff cars need. I don't know how to do any of it except kick the tires.

    5. While I am considered an expert in the field of chocolate glazed donuts, I know nothing about jelly or cream filled donuts and I would like to keep it that way! I am willing to learn more about sugary-cinnamon covered cake donuts...


    A Preview

    I wanted the whole room to be a surprise, but I also want to show off the lettering, so here you go! Yes, we know it is crooked, but once the lettering is down, you can remove it, but it won't go back on! I guess the falls under the category "Deal With It" doesn't it?

    All of the spots, except the deep burgundy ( the color on the wall you are seeing right now - which now that I look at it, looks black. Trust me, it's not!) are done. We forgot to buy a sixth paint tray for the burgundy and decided that we would just paint all the spots and then wash out one of the other trays.

    And we ran out of plastic tape. Which reminds me, I have to send my son to go grab some.

    So. Here is what is left before I will unveil the whole darn thing.

    • I have two feet of stripes to put onto the bottom of the quilt. I am not going to worry about the binding or backing for the photos, so long as I can get the quilt top done, I will be happy becuase it will give you the general idea of what it will look like. (want pictures of it half done? Click here)
    • I need to buy a 14 inch and a 12 inch pillow form for the decorative pillows
    • The burgundy spots. Once I have the tape and start actually doing them, I estimate they will take less than an hour and a half to finish.

    One thing I was wondering. Should I do just photos or a video, or both, when I am unveiling the room? Photos, I can get up close and clear, but you will have a hard time really seeing the room. With a video I can tape it as you walk in the room and turn in a circle so the whole thing can be shown.

    What say you, internets?

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    The Final Piece of the Puzzle

    I have one light green, Two dark green and one white circle left to paint. Think thats exciting?

    ..well, it is, but even more exciting is that the last piece to the room came in the mail today!

    Our custom vinyl lettering is HERE~

    We ordered it almost a moth ago, but I wanted the color, length hight AND font changed so she had to make it from scratch.

    It turned out absolutely PERFECT and I cannot wait to get it up on the wall!!!

    Of course this puts a bit more pressure on me to get off the net and into the sewing room to finish the quilt for the bedroom, but thats OK.

    I can't find the instruction manual

    One of the reasons I love blogging is that there is the potential to reach millions of people with one question. And It seems that I always have questions!

    Blue Boy started Kindergarten last Tuesday. He goes Tuesdays Thursdays and every second Friday. (all day) So far he is having a blast!

    My only problem is my oldest son, who is in third grade feels that he must be with Blue Boy for every recess. So instead of making his own friends with the kids in his class, BB spends his time playing with the third graders.

    Should I be stepping in and asking RM not to play with his brother, or leave it and hope that as the year goes on Blue Boy will beging to make his own friends to play with...

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Are you a Doctor?

    I think, but I am not sure due to the the fact I am not a Doctor, that My jaw is dislocated.

    Lemme tell you why.

    When I had those three teeth (two wisdom and a molar) extracted, they had a lot of trouble with my bottom wisdom tooth. The tooth broke, and then was cut into eight pieces becuase the root ended up being curved around and under my jawbone.

    It was quite painful as the freezing froze the tooth the gum the cheek and surrounding, but up by my ear, where the .. for lack of better word , Jaw bone joint , is it hurt like a SOB. The dentist reapplied freezing twelve times during the extraction of that one tooth, and in the end I was so desperate to get it over with I lied my butt off, told her I was fine, and just bore the pain.

    There was a loud pop and finally the last piece of the tooth, the root, was out.

    The first week I ignored the pain and treated it with Tylenol. Of course it is sore! I thought, Your jaw is always sore after an extraction. It made sense that it would hurt three times as much after having three teeth out!

    The last few days I just assumed my jaw was stiff from not being used. I had tried very hard the first week not to move my mouth too much, becuase it hurt. And then today, sitting in the car, waiting for the kids to get out of school I started opening my mouth to the point of the pain, and then slowly past that point.

    It is like my jaw on the right side is double jointed. it kind of jumped and clicked when passing a certain spot during opening and closing.

    I used my fingers on the left side and felt the movement of the joint and the tendons or muscle or whatever they are, and it is a nice smooth movement. On the left, at the exact point of pain, the smooth movement is interrupted with a jump and my lower law shifts a bit to the left, then as I close, the jump is repeated, again with the pain and my jaw moves slightly back to the right, back to it's natural place.

    Two things concern me about this "possible" dislocation.

    Number one : If my jaw really was dislocated, Wouldn't it hurt WAY more? Yes, there is pain, last night I was caught unaware by a yawn and was unable to stop my mouth from suddenly opening to its widest and it brought me to tears, but when I open (or close) slowly, the pain is .. oh say a five on a scale of ten, ten being the worst.

    Number two : Shouldn't my face up by the joint be swollen, or a the very least bruised? I was swollen very bad the first night and day but by the third day there was no trace of swelling and there was never any bruising.

    In any event. I have an appointment with my dentist in a week, on the twentieth, and if it is still doing the double jointed click thing I will question her about it. I still kind of figure it just got stiff and needs a bit of stretching to get it back into shape.

    'Course, stiffness doesn't explain why my lower jaw keeps jumping to the left when I open wide....

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Kids Can Be Expensive

    I watch all the back to school shoppers in awe. I am shocked when I see totals coming up on the till screen for back to school clothes!

    How can people afford to do this? I know I can't

    Now that I have two kids in school, I worry about making sure their shirts fit properly and their are no holes in the knees of their jeans. But I am NOT willing to run out every august and buy them new wardrobes! Heck, If I did that, we would spend August without food!

    Luckily, I have friends in high places.

    My BFF Kiss works for a man whose wife runs a consignment store. Every so often, Kiss's boss's wife (confused yet?) decides she has too much inventory and sends bags of clothing to Kiss, who in turn goes through it for things that will fit my boys (or me).

    Today, my boys got new pants, yes I do mean new. A lot of the things she brings over still have store tags on! The boys also got some pajamas and tee shirts. I got a new skirt and a sweet pair of shoes.

    I do not understand people who refuse to shop in second hand stores. I shop there. A lot. I would much rather get ten pairs of jeans for twenty dollars than one pair for twenty!

    What about you? Do you shop second hand?

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Weird but Funny

    This morning when I dug into my son's school bag for his lunch kit, finding not only his lunch bag but various pieces of homework waiting for me. I asked him twice on Friday If he had Homework. He is in Grade Three now. He has to be responsible. Both times on Friday he told me he had no homework.

    Sunday afternoon, I again asked him if there was anything in his back pack that needed to be done or signed. He again, told me no. I believed him.

    This was what was waiting in the deep dark recesses of his back pack.

    Click to enlarge

    It isn't a whole lot. A sheet waiting for Planitary names - I still feel badly for poor Pluto - And this, A meme.

    Click to enlarge

    We have all seen various examples of MeMe's on the wide wide interwebs, but the fact that my son, in grade three brought home a MeMe as homework? That had the power to make me laugh until there were tears in my eyes.

    Personally. The funnies part was this answer. he is definitely my son!

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    Five Things I Want My Kids To Know (Before They Grow Up)

    1. Very first, I want my children to know they are loved and in turn to love themselves. This in turn will naturally lead them to have the self confidence to try new things, where even if they fail, they will be able to get right back into the game of life.

    2. I want my children to learn good Hygiene, both body and oral. As a child, I was not the most Hygienic person around, and as a result, At the ripe age of 28 I am on the road to dentures. My seven year old son has numerous dental problems that stem purely from my mistakes as a young mother. I want my children to follow three golden rules : Brush every day, Wash Everyday and wear clean clothes - Every Day!

    3. I want my children to learn how to have fun. So many children have lives so structured, they have no time for fun anymore! Children need to run and play and they need to learn how to laugh at themselves. With a firm foundation of Fun, they will grow to be adults who can approach life with a smile on the inside as well as out.

    4. I want my children to be able to share. Not just their toys, but their time and emotions. As we grow to adult hood, many of us seem to lose the openness that children come by naturally. We grow unwilling to help others out, to share our time, knowledge or hearts.

    5. And Lastly. I want my children to grow. To be healthy and strong. To live long and happy lives and to learn something new every day!

    New Additions

    After Supper on Friday My mother in law phoned to see if she could have the children for the night. She had a surprise for them.

    They had been banging a tennis ball against my garage for the most part of the afternoon and staring enviously at the neighbor boys playing with their hockey net and orange Hockey pucks, and were excited at the prospect of a sleepover with Nana and Papa.

    It wasn't until Saturday afternoon, when the boys came home from Nana's that My Husband and I got to see what the surprise was.

    The In-Laws had taken the three boys into the city and bought them their very own Hockey Net.

    The only picture I have so far is of Tigger the Wonder Cat claiming it as her new home, but I am sure there will be many pictures taken this winter of impromptu hockey games!

    Britney Spears Broke My Heart

    When Britney Spears Exploded into the Pop Scene, She was too young, too thin, too pretty, too talented and way too successful for me to even consider liking her. As a teenage girl myself, she was everything I wanted to be. Rich. Famous. Hot.

    I Instantly hated her. Hated her horrible chart topping songs, her horrible perfect romance with Justin. Everything.

    But that all changed when Britney turned into one of us again. She started making mistakes and lowering her personal bar of perfection. With the news of her pregnancy, the world was up in arms about how she was ruining her career. I was a little upset at these muttering. A baby enhances your life, It doesn't ruin it.

    All of a sudden I was rooting for Britney! After her son was born and months passed, she made no move to jump start her career, I mentally urged her on. I wanted so badly for her to show them all just how wrong they were.

    Soon, a second pregnancy was announced and I thought, sure, that makes sense. After all, if I had known I was going to have three boys, I would have chosen to have them back to back too, just to get the baby and toddler stage done and over with. I mean, whats the point in restarting her career only to stop it a year later to have another baby?

    I applauded Britney's smart planning. See, I thought to myself. She has a plan for the future. She is just following her plan.

    Then the news was overrun with reports of her marriage breaking up , and my heart ached for her. This young girl, a mom, and now, a disaster of a relationship. It seemed as though each problem she had, each flaw, made me like her just a little bit more.

    She was more human, she was real. She was one of us now.

    And then? She shaved her hair? Drugs? All night partying? The partying I could understand. At first. She had just broken up with her baby-daddy. Her way of showing herself she was still desirable was to go out, party, and most important, attract men.

    As more and more weird things began to happen, I started to wonder if Britney didn't have post partum(sp?) depression. But as I have never had it, I am not a good voice on that. She went to rehab and left and returned again, only to leave. Things were not going well.

    When singles started appearing on the net, for the first time, I listened without my previous prejudice to her music. And while it certainly isn't my type, (although Gimmee More was cute,) she wasn't horrible either. With each single that was dropped or leaked onto the net, news flashed about her opening at the VMA awards and even more importantly, a new album was given a release date.

    Last night I had such High Hopes for Britney. This was her chance to show the world what she was made of. It was her night to shine, to show everyone that just becuase she is a Mom doesn't mean she can't be a Star as well!

    I wanted So.Badly. for her to do well.

    And I don't think mine was the only heart that got broken last night.

    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    I love Mythbusters

    Srsly. There is nothing funnier than those two grown men pushing and shoving to be the first to blow something up successfully!

    Tonight they are trying to blow up a gelatin chest with a nitro patch (for heart patients) and those electric pad things to make your heart pump again.

    Its not working.

    So what do they do? They call in some FBI guy who has pure Nitroglycerin, and blow up the poor gelatin bust the old fashioned way.

    And the best part of it all? Hands down, its the sloooooow moootion instant replay they always do in explosions!

    What is your favorite TV show. And Cartoons are not TV shows!

    Please Help Me Organize a Search Party

    I have lost my slippers and my feet are cold. I will need Four teams for the search and rescue party..

    Team One will start the search in my bedroom. This team should concentrate their efforts on the two closets. Search high and low people and whatever you do, do not get separated. As a rule, closets are dangerous and you may not come out alive.
    While you are in the closet, please feel free to take the Previously Hidden Easter candy out to the trash and hang up all of the clothing that has fallen.

    Team two will concentrate on the basement. This team must consist of at least four people to keep with the buddy rule.

    • Team Two A will concentrate on the storage part of the furnace room. Look in all of the boxes and bags, and do not forget to kill any spider you may see. These are sentry spiders and if left alive, they will bring reinforcements. Feel free to organize the room as you search.
    • Team Two B will be focusing their search on the actual furnace room. Beware the large black shelf. Those haphazard piles are as unstable as they look and will fall with the slightest provocation. Please take note of the location of any and all winter clothing you find as I will need that information in the coming months. Again. Be sure to kill all sentry spiders.

    Team Three
    has what will possibly be the hardest job of all. But with their struggle, they may be rewarded with national fame. As long as they do not die in a smelly avalanche of shoes that is. Thats right. Team Three must journey to the shoe closet located on the north.. uh south.. uhm the wall over there in the kitchen. You will likely find sand mud and various food particles that have been thrown from the babies plate. This closet has not been cleaned in at least two months. There are four shelves specially designed for shoes, but none of the shoes are on the shelves. As well, that large white bar suspended up high has not one coat hung on it's hangers as it is easier for everything to be shoved in and the door shut quickly so as to not let any item escape.

    There are an additional two shelves piled high with various and sundry items. Each must be searched and organized in this monumental quest for my slippers.

    Team Four
    will consist of Two people. One for each of my feet. Their job will be to warm, and possibly massage my feet until my slippers are found, dusted and placed on my feet. This is an important job and you can rest easy knowing I had my bath last night as well as a shower not even two hours ago. Team four can feel free to buff and paint my nails should they see fit.

    As for the slippers themselves. They look much like the slippers in this photo, except I think they are black. However they might be grey or possibly blue. It has been a long summer and I simply do not remember these things. That's what I have you for!

    All volunteer searchers should contact me at Findmyslippers@right*as soon as possible so we can get organized and more importantly I can have warm feet again. Please state which team you wish to be on at the time of application and a number where I can reach you.

    Thank you for your time!

    (there will be coffee and cookies after my slippers are back in my arms on my feet again.)

    *dude thats a fictional email, just as this is a fictional post. Well, not really. My feet are cold and I have no idea where my slippers are..., Also. There are no cookies. I flat-out lied about that!

    Uhm. No Thanks

    So we finally set up an appointment for the kids (and us) to get photos done. Once a year, during the month of Stuperman's birth (June) we get family photos done.

    Yes. I know its September. Shaddup!

    So anyway I called to set up the appointment and you have to give the ages of the kids - I assume this is becuase the younger the kids the more time they have to book for that photo session. I tell her that my children, all boys, are three, five and seven, (almost eight.)

    And she askes - get this - she actually asks - and will you be wanting graduation announcements?

    First of all lady, Its September. School is JUST starting. Lets not talk about Graduation till at least May.

    Second of all.. are we supposed to have graduation announcements for kindergarten kids?

    Cus, I'm way too cheap for that!


    I have a stalker and her name is Sheila. Ohhhh she just updated. BRB.

    Ok I'm back.

    I have a stalker, her name is Sheila. She is the good kind of stalker, trust me. Not once have I received threatening notes about how our souls are joined in twine, nor have I ever found her digging thru my garbage cans in the dead of the night.

    Instead, she tries very hard to be FIRST! on my blog posts, and always has time to talk to me. This makes me feel loved.

    Some days I get into a funk. and logging into my email to see her status as I <3 Bluepaintred makes me smile when nothing else has that whole day.

    Sheila has to deal with a lot of crap in her life, her boyfriend Tom had an accident and is now paralyzed. She takes care of him and loves him. Her job, while not the greatest, does sound fun, but fun doesn't always put food on the table.

    Nevertheless, she tries to cheer me up, even when she is feeling bad.

    In fact, I sort of get the feeling she is more of a friend than a stalker. What do you think??

    I don't understand Dina Lohan

    I really really REALLY don't understand her.

    As a mom, who has no teen aged children, maybe it is not my place to judge another mom, but come on! I will not be partying with my kids when they are teens! You will NOT find me supplying them with alcohol and drugs and then asking for privacy when SHOCK! my child has to go to a drug rehab place.

    HOW on earth can Dina Lohan look at her self in the mirror every morning knowing that her bad parenting is screwing up her daughters life? Lindsey Lohan is supremely talented. Yes.She is. Don't argue with me, this is my blog!

    How can Lindsey be expected to stay clean and sober when each time she exits a facility that is meant to dry her out, her own mother is waiting in the wings to start the partying back up???

    I know Lindsey is over the age of minority, but if she was MY daughter, she would be grounded!

    Can your cat tell time?

    Our first cat, Tisdale Newton, was a Manx Kodac. And I know I am spelling that wrong. She was black, fluffy as all get out with a huge mane, and very very smart.

    My husband used to, and still does, love to have the music booming when he drives, when tisdale heard his car pull up with the stereo rocking, she would run to the door, jump and flip the chain lock off, so my husband could get in. It was super cute.

    We did not know much about cats when we first got Tis, and so to feed her, we set out a huge bowl of dry food and she was allowed to eat whenever she was hungry.

    Unfortunately, Tis died a few years back.

    Two years ago this September a litter of kittens was born. These kittens were special in a few ways. Number one, Our goal was to get another cat when we bought our own home and the kittens were born the night we signed the papers for our home, and number two, my step mother had been in charge of a friends cat and accidentally let it out, resulting in, of course kittens. Mother Marnee was told she had to find homes for the kittens.

    We, of course were over joyed! These kittens were meant to be with us, why else would they be born the exact night we bought our home?

    So we brought home two kittens and named them Tigger and Shadow. Shadow only stayed with us for a year before we had to find an alternate home for him. He was peeing on everything, including us, constantly.

    ANd then there is Tigger. She is not an energetic kitten at all! In fact, she got downright fat becuase all she did was sleep and we had continued in our huge bowl of food feeding method. We took her to the vet last April for her booster shots and the vet put her foot down. Tig had to lose weight. apparently it is bad for an 18 month old cat to be almost 12 lbs.

    The vet said to put her on a wet food diet, that the dry food was not very good for cats, and to feed her only twice a day.

    After a few weeks of the 12 and 12 feeding times, Tig began to tell time. . . In a fashion!

    For a whole hour before its time to eat, Tigger can be found chewing on our feet, crying, scratching at the closet where her food is kept, meowing, and generally sucking up to whomever looks gullible enough to feed her early.

    So. Tigger might not be able to open doors or leap tall buildings, or even to aim her hair balls for the litter box, but she can tell time.... Can your cat?

    The Battery Is Charged!

    A while back, I bought a custom made vinyl phrase for my bedroom wall. No you cannot know what it says. You can wait for the photos dammit! Anyway. I knew that these vinl wall things existed becuase I had seen them at a local store in town here, but they only came in black and bronze(BOOOOOO!)

    neither black nor bronze will work on a burgundy wall, and they did not offer the phrase I wanted. I started looking on etsy, and then switched over to eBay, and finally found them! Since they were so cheap I could not help myself and had to get this one too!

    I don;t know if you can tell from the picture what it says so I had the husband take a separate one of just the words. Please also take the time to note Stuperman is fast asleep on the couch. We;;.. maybe not fast asleep. he is doing that ACK ! don't want to falls asleep slither slide JERKS HEAD UP, eyes close, slide more Sway, JERKS HEAD UP! must mot sleep dance

    It's so cute, and damn fitting, wouldn't you say?

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Are You sick Of Me Yet?

    I'm having a hard time deciding what to do anbout the windows in my bedroom. They deffinatly need a covering becuase I love me an afternoon nap and the sun comes streaming in the windows int he afternoon.

    Right now we have el cheap-o white plastic blinds that I hate. They have no style and very little functionality.

    Plus every time I try to wipe them down, they cut my hands to shreds.

    I was thinking some nice wood blinds would be OK, but then i thought about the spots and the deep red of the wall they would be on and figure the wood would be way out of place. And if I painted them white then there is no difference between them and the plastic POC ones we have up now.


    So then I thought that some nice wispy flowing panel curtains would be nice, but we have a high headboard that would anchor the curtains down ridding us of the nice flowing part. Plus, wispy doesn't keep pout the sun.

    Any one have any ideas?


    Now I am annoyed.

    Tell me. Ifyou said to some one take a picture of this, No no, I need that in it too, now zoom in on just the words and take a picture. Sweet!

    And they said oh the battery on the camera is almost dead

    to which you replied well I need those pictures first, I want to post them

    and then by the time you tucked in and snorgle kissed your baby the battery was out of the camera and on the charger, would you get mad?

    Yea. I thought so.

    Oh! A Challenge!

    I do paid advertising for a certain company. It's pretty easy work. All I have to do is write a post about any subject I want and within that post I enter a keyword as naturally as possible. Some of them are really easy, like coffee or chocolate, but some are really really hard.

    For example. This company might want me to use the phrase New York personal injury lawyer in a blog post, but what do I know about that? I can't even begin to think of a post where I would even talk about New York. So really, I'm in a bit of trouble here.

    You see, with this company you are not allowed to refuse an assignment, So if I cannot find a way to use a certain difficult key word... Well lets not even think of the consequences.

    So. Can any of you find a way to use the phrase New York personal injury lawyer?

    'Cus I'm stumped!

    My Tummy Just growled at me

    My dinner today consisted of a bowl of cottage cheese and a bowl of Chocolate pudding. I know that in a few weeks I will be back to eating regular people food, but until then, My choices of food is pretty limited.

    If it has to be chewed, I can't have it.

    Here is a list of things I picked up today when we went shopping:

    Jello - Banana Strawberry, Raspberry , Strawberry , Berry Berry (2 of each)
    Pudding - Two boxes of instant Milk Chocolate
    Stove top stuffing - although I'm not certain I will be able to eat this.
    Cottage Cheese - the large size LOL
    Chicken noodle soup - two boxes of the instant cup a soup packets
    Porridge - brown sugar flavored
    Cream of wheat - I know I like it, but can I cook it?

    As you can see, My diet is very limited. If you have any suggestions of foods I can eat, please, PLEASE tell me.

    But nothing with apples becuase apples are GROSS!

    Also. Who thinks I will lose weight during all of this? No chips, no chocolate, no candy, no sandwiches? Really, no good stuff LOL.

    I think I am guaranteed to lose at least a few LBS!

    Me and the husband like to argue about stupid things.

    I'm not sure If I will be able to do this without a photo, but it is too late now to go out and take one.

    Our front yard consists of a driveway and a four foot wide, billion foot long patch of rocks with trees. I want to put those little solar lights along the rocks, but my husband said it will look stupid, that you only put landscape lighting along grass.

    What do you think?

    Oh Look! I found a picture. Sorta.

    Now. Really. Think it would look stupid to have them, say every two feet, going up to the house? I think it would look cute!

    Live Vrs. Dead Food

    We have two beautiful Corn Snakes.

    Sugar, A Snow corn is White with a bit of orange. She is an albino. Her eyes are red - well pink, when she is ready to shed.

    Spice is a pretty little Ghost corn. Her colors make it so that in the wild she would blend right it, as invisible as a ghost!

    Recently I have gotten a few e-mails obviously typed with mean fingers relating to the fact we choose to feed our snakes live prey 80% of the time.

    Let me take the time to answer a few of your complaints:


    Number one. Corn snakes are NOT an aggressive species of snake. If you want aggressive, go wrangle a Texas rat snake or a snake from the cobra family. Corn Snakes make wonderful pets becuase they are so easily handled! Feeding them Live prey will not make them more aggressive, just like feeding them pre-killed will not calm them down!


    You said that maybe 2% of the rats nutrition is lost when it is pre-killed and frozen. This is blatantly wrong! Look at our own frozen foods! Which one is healthier? The frozen corn or the garden fresh cob? Yeah, I thought so! In fact. If we were to switch to all pre killed all the time, we would be forced to supplement their diet by dipping the rats in vitamins. That fact right there tells me we are doing the right way!


    You think pre-killed rats die a whole lot easier then when they are snatched and strangled by a snake and that at least in the wild, a rat has a chance to escape.

    I say baloney! It takes seconds for my snakes to kill their food. They do not play around! Our snakes eat every three weeks and they are hungry when dinner time comes! The bite, usually on the face neck or haunch and squeeze the stuffing out. Trust me. The rat is dead before it has time to care its not going to be writing home about it's latest vacation.

    Any questions oh anonymous one?

    Oh. And just so you know. As I am typing this, I am watching Sugar eat a cute black and white rat. It was bought frozen. But not becuase of you. Our rat man only had frozen in the size we needed.

    So. Is It?

    I think i have a canker sore. But I'm not sure becuase.. well, can you get them on the roof of your mouth?

    Serious. I want someone. Anyone to answer this.

    The big problem with whatever is on the roof of my mouth is that it is right behind my front teeth. Which are, of course, my chewing teeth now.

    LMAO did that ever sound redneck!

    Anyway. I have complete faith that in a few weeks time, when my gums are healed (and its going way better then last time) That I will be able to chew small bites on the right side becuase the dentist left me one lonely molar.

    Until then, I have to stick to soft foods so I don't have to chew, because really, that thing in my mouth? The canker or whatever it is? It hurts!

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    Oh And

    Did I forget to mention that I have to head to the dentist myself in less than two hours?

    'cus I do.

    Three teeth out this time.


    Sure hope it goes better then the last time!

    I'm pretty sure, but not totally sure that after this afternoon me and solid foods will be saying good bye to each other for a while. I guess it all depends on how well I can chew with my front teeth!

    As it is right now, I had an awesome lunch, toasted Cucumber on Mayo sandwich, and I am drinking coffee like it is going to be banned after 2 pm. (you can't drink coffee (or anything else that is hot) for 24 hours after an extraction)

    Heck! The way I drink coffee on a normal day I am surprised no one has suggested I under go an addiction treatment!

    I do remember two weeks ago, after my last extraction, how hard it was to not be able to drink coffee while watching (and smelling) my husband drink it!


    Life goes on I suppose.

    But I still hate the dentist! OK. No. I love my dentist, I just hate the stuff she does to me!



    My funk? It seems to have left me at the same time the doctor was delivering Stupermans diagnosis.

    If you want to read more on that , head over to BPR.

    I always hate when I get into a funk. Sometimes I know what causes it and other times, life is so awesome that I feel guilty for being sad which in turn makes me even more sad!

    I've thought about the fact it may be some form of depression, but I cannot see myself as a depressed person. The funks come and go, yes, but they are gone more than they are here, that's for sure.

    I for sure would not want to take pills that would alter my mood, I am definitely not "sick" enough to put drugs into my body like that!

    Anyway. With the whole Stuperman issues taken care of I can put the rest of me twoards Rainbow Man and his dental issues!

    Feel free to wish me luck on that!

    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    In A Funk


    Things sure do suck. If it isn't one thing, it;s another, right?

    Wrong. I have never had this before, this deadening sense of failure, the dread of the next minute and what will happen then!

    First Stuperman gets sick and I won't know whats with that till tomorrow. Thats a lot of time to worry. Then we had Rainbow Mans dentist appointment - and really? I;m not getting into that anything soon.

    And then. Then RM's spacer has a loose ire thing that is cutting his cheek, meaning we have to go back to the dentist. Joy.

    Then, while I was thinking my next dental appointment was Friday the 7th, RM and The husband bring me the news that my dentist appointment is tomorrow!

    I don't have time for this crud!

    I have Stuperman's doctors appointment tomorrow morning. In the AM part of the morning. In the Am part of the morning when I like to still be in my toasty warm bed sleeping.

    Rush Rush! Rush! home from the doctors, eat my last solid food for months, and BAM! Into the dentist's chair.

    And to top it off I have a craving, a physical make me shiver - short of breath craving for a new tattoo!