Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canned air and other nonsense

Now in bullet form!

  • I need a can of canned air
  • because my keys at random keep sticking.
  • well mostly the "y" key.
  • I am hoping it is just some sort of crud under it.
  • I fed the kids Jello for lunch.
  • The box said Strawberry Banana.
  • That's healthy, right?
  • S'ok. They weren't full so they also had some grapes and an apple each.
  • That last sentence had eight typos.
  • Eye arr ah grate tieper.
  • I just made bullet list a category all of it's own.
  • We need to buy some puppy food, a leash and a collar.
  • We have a crate, food dishes and the love already.
  • The crate will only fit her for a few months.
  • Crates are darn expensive!
  • I think we have settled of Sadie as a name.
  • Kind of depends on her though.
  • She may not be a Sadie when we meet her.
  • I wish I had a picture of her to drool over.
  • We are going to let the boys each pick out a to for Little Miss Pup on Saturday.
  • They think she will be here at the end of October.
  • She will be here at the end of the week.
  • I will be taking pictures AND taping their first meeting.
  • If i remember.
  • It will be my first time meeting her too and I might forget in an overwhelming jumble of belly rubs and puppy licks.
  • Stuperman just fell off the couch. BRB.
  • He is OK. Don't worry. There is a lot of padding on his bum.
  • I think I should buy a Dog Crate with the 180.00 I transfered from paypal instead of an iPod Nano.
  • But Blue boy is way excited to be getting m iPod shuffle when I get my Nano.
  • We have Home owners insurance, Rainbow Man's Birthday, Halloween, and the puppy all in one month.
  • Harsh.
  • Pup needs three shots, the first two are 65 dollars the last is 75.
  • I think vaccinations for kids and pets are important.
  • We have enough saved in the puppy jar for the first two shots.
  • The third, due in December (ACK) might be put off til January.
  • If the vet says it's OK.
  • In February, Little Miss Pup gets Spayed. Or. Neutered. Which ever girls get done.
  • I can't have her have pups.
  • I would not be able to let the pups go.
  • I am pretty sure I could keep making bullet point after bullet point after bullet point
  • After bullet point
  • For the next three hours.
  • But this is already really really long.
  • OH! Tim McGraw's Don't take the girl Just came on my iPod.
  • I love that song.
  • ....After bullet point....really long....hit publish before...
  • I need to send the kids outside...
  • Srsly. Must end this. Everyone has fallen asleep.
  • The End


Sheila said...

Did I send you that 'Don't take the Girl' song? Cuz I lurve that song too!

Bluepaintred said...

yup. and I admit, i tend to cry about it if I am home alone listening to it!