Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Intentions

A few months back - yea, I said months, the kids broke the baby's bed by jumping on it.

We shored it up with a toy the same hight as the bed, bunk beds and has a slatted bottom). We had planned on buying our five year old a new bed (he has the top half of a set of bunk beds- they were seperatable) and putting his bed int he babies room.

Unfortunately life interferes with the best of plans, and beds are darn expensive. I think our best solution, until we can save up for a new bed is to get a piece of plywood cut to size, remove the slats on the babies bed, and put that in instead.

Think my dad will do it for me? Will our dad?


Sheila said...

dude, your link is effed up in this one. thought you'd want to fix it.

just sayin.

Sheila said...

honey, sweetie pie, the link still isn't right...